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B.C. homicides: Hunt for fugitives ends

B.C. homicides: Hunt for fugitives ends

91 thoughts on “B.C. homicides: Hunt for fugitives ends

  • The "Great Out There" or the Canadian Wilderness took them out a while ago. I am confident the authorities, at this point , were looking to bodies.

  • Thought you caught them a while back — murder fugitives. like escaped convicts, should never be off the media radar until they're caught

  • The RCMP always get there man they are a world class police force

    Defund the CBC and give it to lLaw-enforcement

  • Doesn't add up. They were island children not men. Why would they drive to a reserve in northern Manitoba? Why would they torch the car before replacing it or even at all if suicide was the plan? Where did they get the gun claimed used? Was it recovered? Who owned it? Too much bizarre stuff here.

  • A logical reason for the lack of heat signatures detected by the military is the boys were cold 24 hours before the planes took to the sky. Also my guess is the dogs found them. My condolences to all the families involved. Sad and unnecessary series of events.

  • What a coinkidink that a boat appears out of nowhere. RCMP suddenly setup a roadblock to keep people out. Items suddenly found on river bank. Two bodies suddenly found? Me thinks RCMP shot them dead days ago and they were unarmed. Make a quick story up and place bodies & items in bush and along river. Send an old banged up boat down river and wow..look what they find! This whole story stinks

  • I wish the CBC would interview someone from Quebec so we could get a long monotonous interview in French & English.
    They're victims too, you know.

  • Good heavens, CBC. Please see that Austin Grabbish (sp?) gets English grammar lessons. His work is a low standard. I hate to be grumpy about this but I'm finding it distracting from the news item.

  • I wonder what happened to the bearded man who was arguing with the couple on the Hwy. in Canada??? Why did these two teens give their real, full names to the man who helped them when their vehicle got stuck in the mud???? Was Kam Bryers hostage??? None of this makes any sense???? I wish they were found alive, as we will never know for sure????? And, so many families in mourning……🤔 🤔 🤔

  • The guy with the beard was the leader. He did the killings. The other guy was a follower. When the other guy's back was turned or while he walked ahead of the leader the leader shot and killed him then the leader killed himself.

    Chose your friends carefully younglings.

  • At least there will be "no more victims"… by these guys anyway. Rcmp will piece some of the story together from evidence… but they won't be filling in the blanks. At least… no lenient sentences for these two… I'm satisfied.

  • It is the worst outcome really. Especially when they could have been easily found alive having left a trail from BC to Gillam. Not sure if the police did a great job because finding them dead isn't going to bring any closure to anyone. The search for the boys may have ended, but the search for answers will never end now.

  • I believe robbery was the motive for killing the young couple. The RCMP has not disclosed if the RAV 4 that the two suspects were driving last belonged to the professor, Mr Leonard Dyck

  • big surprise,lazy cops and sub par millitary,11000 sq kms scanned by plane,1000's of hrs , hundreds of police/military and they were 8kms from the burned out car. total bs and embarassment

  • blah! blah! blah! blah!
    We NEED Jesus! PERIOD!
    We NEVER want TO learn!
    blah! blah! blah! blah!
    SOME MORE!!!

  • discovery of the bodies found not far from there burn out truck ?? how long were they dead were they dead before the other or after what do they have that show they did the killing ?

  • This is how Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) run electronic surveillance and weapons to Muslim students and all Citizens of CANADA in various Universities and educational and religious institutions and ALL OVER CANADA ANDTHE GLOBE by Satellites!

    See reply section for details:

  • you can see by the look on their faces at the store they knew this was not going to end well,likely they bought pills and commited suicide! Canada needs to watch the youth and what they play into and teach more about compassion for all living things like it was many years ago,raising a barn mowing a neigbors yard hurts no one and aids all!

  • you can't compare citizens of different countrys to a country,China youth are not the same as our youth to say something is safe for youth here because it is safe in a country where diplomacy/polite is a way of life is a childish outlook on what truth is!

  • Not being found alive is a big success for Canada. Being found alive would of been the greater success for the Deese’, Fowlers’, Dyck’s families for closure. The grief cycle will be tougher, longer, and guesswork. All in all, Bryer and Kam can’t harm anymore people. As coward as they were, is as cowardly as they left. Murder suicide most likely.. But let’s pray for the healing of the families that can ‘kind of’ sit back and digest this new information. </3

  • Could one or both have been victims? Is that a possibility that is being investigated ? Not conspiracy just a question

  • The devil motivated them to do it, I prey the god forgives them, prey for family’s involved and pray for less evil in Canada and that this brings people closer to god. In Jesus name. Amen

  • Saves the tax payer the upkeep. I have absolutely not one iota of sympathy for either of these two regardless of their suffering.

  • NetFlix Fargo 4 – Canadian Outlaws.
    If you Canukes can sustain the achievement, its guaranteed there will be a season 5 and 6 !!

  • you still don't have the evidence you have no weapons with their fingerprints on it from the beginning a spin-off speculation that these two did it you have no concrete evidence yet that they actually did it and now you won't the main evidence would be the weapons with their DNA or fingerprints on them other than that you have nothing just speculation

  • A side comment: Some cities are overpopulated, but this story, from CBC, don't forget that…by CBC own mouth piece, with its repeated messages of the tens of thousands of miles of wilderness is proof the earth is NOT overpop.

  • Senseless killing. Tragic end. Why? We probably won’t ever know. It’s just so sad all the way around. I feel so sorry for the victims and their families, including the suspects’ families. Smh.

  • They went to Gillam because they thought they would be able to walk onto a hydro dam construction site and get a job right off the street and that the hiring people wouldn't hear of their crimes. They were doomed before they even left to Gillam. It doesn't work like that!

  • Thank you to the RCMP, special forces brought in and hearts to all those who worried so long with the stressors of keeping your families safe… my heart goes out to the families that lost their lives to these sad unjust tragedies… ❣️❣️

  • I'm hoping a grizzly got at them! Still would have been better to have them face life in prison and to know why

  • Haven't followed this story much. But looks like a pair of dispossessed boys seeking some kind of vengeance and thrill. Likely one dominant and memorizing the other follower. Not unlike Combine boys. Most likely one or the other has been exposed to antidepressant drugs that are the Catalyst for All mass shootings we see these days. Yes, ALL. Not some. ALL mass attacks like recent El Paso and Ohio are rooted in the perp's exposure to ssri or related psychiatric drugs. Otherwise these acts would stop at ideation. Only with the perverting effects of prescription psychiatric drugs are a percentage of patients prone to mass attacks like the van Rampage in Toronto and Danforth Street shooter also in Toronto last year. Few if any can conceive this to be the single determinant factor because it's an anathema to even think that drugs endorsed by regulations we trust could be the single determinant factor making the difference between acting out and not acting out. This can be scientifically proven using statistics proving correlation Is causation given the high N value (number of incidents) correlated with the introduction and rise in use of these drug as well as understanding the reciprocal effect or rebound effect they can have on vulnerable minds. In twenty years years they look back appalled these drugs were ever allowed to remain in the market for decades before this reality was realized.

  • If I were the suspects' parents/family I would be suspicious the cops had something to do with their deaths. And I'd make sure I'd find out if there had been a coverup. I feel bad for ALL the families affected by this sickening tragedy.

  • The Local tour guide Clint, called it in his Interview on July 25th. He said there's boats laying around everywhere, and there is Rapids 8kms down that they wouldn't make it thru… We all know they would be traveling at night, Which would make the navigation if the river even more deadly… And it was Clint who discovered the sleeping bag. He followed his theory… And he was right… They probably used a backroads map book and seen a backroad into Northern Ontario, but didn't take into account, it has to be frozen to drive on… This is a Horrific tragedy for all the familys involved. And the Victims 💔

  • The teens body language & facial expressions says a lot…I don't think this is complicated at all…3 people at the wrong place at the wrong time were encountered by 2 teens with no regard for human life…they were the killers and did everything they could to cover up the evidence and ended up being killed by their own quest for continuing their journey…there is not always a 'motive' in situations like this one…sadly this entire series of events is becoming all too common in the World today..

  • I think a bear got them. It's there anywhere you can place a bet on how they died?
    They would have been very weak.

  • Thank god for the BEAR CLAN if it wasn’t for them and their sharp keen precise vision and on the spot accurate sighting , and patrolling and spotting them in the right area they would never have found them and by the way they also spotted Bigfoot in the same garbage dump.

  • What's the matter with that bloke in the green shirt? Like he's about to cry all the time. So annoying. Go get a speech pathologist.

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