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AXE vs KNIFE – Battle for the Ultimate Cutting Tool!

AXE vs KNIFE – Battle for the Ultimate Cutting Tool!

This is axe versus knife Will do tree cutting, firewood processing, featherstick making … carving and cooking Representing the Axe… Dylan, with his Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe. Representing the Knife… Julius, with his Esee 6 carbon steel survival knife. In a 1 versus 1 battle,
they take it up… to find out which is the ultimate tool… Smoke! Special feature where you can tilled it up a bit higher. Smooth Gefixt, ouwe! Task 1. Cutting down a tree… I’m going to take down this one and this is mine. They’re both equal diameter. and we’re using the wood for our campfire later on. Let’s go! Two, one, go! Action! Okay, screw this… Mind your headies now! Yes! Okay man! Job done. See you later… Nice one! Well of course… a knife will never beat an axe, on cutting a tree. But yeah… you see… you can also gather wood, without cutting
down a tree. So… you don’t need an axe then. Poor guy… he’s quite tired isn’t he eahh… We now have 10 minutes to process our logs into firewood which means bucking and splitting All right, counting down 10 minutes… 3, 2, 1, action! yes… though sh** I can’t break this trough more and there’s no point doing this with a knife no, no, no… Okay, split this. I need a nice baton How are you doing there Dylan? Are you strugelling? Jeah… It’s a tough one already Here we go… Yes Awesome Flying threw it… flying! And another one. And time is up… Super stringy spruce wood.
it was really hard to split. Hardly got any split at all… some thicker round pieces here. not split… Axe is great! because you got shavings They really help lightning your fire later on. it was hard work I think I got myself a nice pile here. I’m happy with it! Of course, with a knife there’s not much point in chopping your tree down you can baton it. Maybe like this…
but you’d be busy for weeks. Still with some neat tricks like the lever mechanism on the tree,
you can come quite far… and also with the batoning… I think the knife could keep up
quite well with the axe. It depends of course what kind of logs you use. if you would go bigger, the axe is in the advantage. We hoped to have the same kind
of wood. It turned out Dylan’s was a bit more stringy. So it gives me a slight
advantage here. But yeah… that’s what it is. Next test is feather sticks. Countdown five minutes… three, two, one go… okay… okay… I need myself a little working
plateau here. dude you’re still splitting, man…! Am I not supposed to… No… man…! we have
the splitting done! you’re cheating… he’s a cheater! Okay, I’m not splitting… I won! yes I won! Okay, continue, continue! Well, I need a good base you
know… Are you managing there? Yeah, great man. lovely. feathersticks all the way. Okay, and another one oh no, I’m a bit slow here… Oooh… aren’t the midges bad again? Come on! is that feather sticking now? Seems like… Messing around, making a mess here… You’re talking to yourself? Oh no… here we go…
I could have been more efficient… I didn’t bother making sticks I just got a good bundle of shavings. I’m happy! Pile of mess indeed… Well, I did my best. But, time ran out faster than I hoped it did… Still, I have some… and I think… still, for the ease of feather sticking the knife should win! you decide! mess, mess… Next up carving. I got material for two bow drill sets I think they’re pretty even.
I’ll let him choose which one he wants. Spindle. He goes for the thin one… I do… Hearth board…. I don’t mind. Bearing block. Big one. Bow… Shitty bows you got me here… but I go for this one. I’ll take either man… complaining, complaining. All right! let’s go man, good luck! Good luck to yourself…. That will do for now. Onto the spindle Alright, that’s her… three pieces. Got to get my string now. I forgot that. So… Give a few seconds to Julius. He’s needin it anyway… I don’t think so… Are you done? I’m done… Am I? Jäger! what’up buddy! be careful now… I’m calling her good. I’m going drilling. Ah, it’s to loose… still Here comes the hardest part for me. It’s
going to be, to carve a notch. Ah, that’s fine… Okay, notch… Notch is done. This is it. Okay, my notch is almost done… Grass, for lubrication It’s the tense feeling of this battle, I gues. Julius is under pressure… I’m just waiting for him, you know… Ah, come on! Screw you, man! Ah, nearly had it… Auw!! I’m burning my hands… Yes, haha! This bearing block it’s not going great… Look at that. Make it more pointy I need better lubrication. Get some ferns. Burnings… You got it? no? You’re making **** up noice, Dylan! Oh man, that noise is seriously harmful… You got an ember, Dylan? I might have… You might have…? So far, so good… I have so much friction in my bearing block. It’s cutting way in. Yeah! me too, man. It’s way too heavy. This is a very bad bearing block… Get something better people, next time. Very dried-out piece of wood… maybe, something a bit more fresh You got your ember? Yeah man! Well, now the pressure is really on. Isn’t it? It’s way to heavy…! Yeah, we got it. We got it! better be time. But damn man. You were first. I don’t like it… damn… I was too excited and I screwed it up. Can you believe that? What!! You fail? Haha Yeah… what happend? I just wanted, having my fire on,
quicker than you. So I put the ember in it, too quickly… That’s it, that’s it… Now take it easy! once you have an ember. Take it easy. Now, he’s going! Well, that didn’t go too smooth, making that fire.
But, I will catch up on the next test… which is going to be a cooking utensil Five minute countdown again. Here we go… Three, two, one, action! Are you taking your
time? Oh yeah! slow and steady into the race Hey, come on man!
I’m already winning here! Easy and nice piece Cut it in Where is my baton? Here it is Hey! quite it! Okay, let’s bring it up. And see what we have… Will do! haha This is what we got. I came up with… this. haha It’s nice and broad and it’s thin. Right, and you have a little
bit of a point at the end. And I got myself a very long spatular… at least something like it. You’re one… At least, you won’t burn your fingers. Who came out on top on this one? You can eat with it too
on this one and you can eat with it too hopefully… Who came out on top? Will see about that… the viewers will know. Yeah, we’ll have to put it into practice
now. Last but not least, some cooking has to be done. We got sweet potato and ramsons. Which means processing food with my spatular and my axe… What has to be done here is… Put a load of wood on the fire Indeed Well… the knife is going to excel on this. No matter what… Now, that is shopping. You can even go reverse… and like that you can make really thin slices. Anyway, this works fine to. Your fire is smoking man! ah yeah… what the heck Beautiful! Look at that. Put some cocos fat in here. Why not use plenty? Start easy here on the side. I think my… very long cooking
utensil will excel now here cause the fire will be hot Cooking stick doing his job perfectly. How about yours? Amazing man! Look at the length!
I think you’re burning your hands buddy Are you able to go underneath the bottom
of them? Yeah… are you sure now? yeah Cause mine is so thin. I can just flip it over Look at that. I see… you’re burning your hand almost there and look at the length I have. Not at all man… dude… I don’t know about yours, but mine
is almost done man. Well… some of mine… are really fat. They’re not near ready. This works great, doesn’t it? oh no, oh no, oh no… It’s done. I’m going to put it off. Let it cool down for a bit and then ‘bon appetit’ Here we go. Ohhhhhh! Ahhh… again! Yeah, I’m chilling man. I here struggles over there… Well, I tell you! this is handy… Look at this… look at it. Mmmmh… Spooning it up… haha And the food man Amazing! ramsons with sweet potato… It’s a must have to eat. Coconut fat to Drown them in that shit! As you can see… Both of us are eating both of us have accomplished the
same thing, more or less. so, it really… It’s doable with both. It really depends on
the skill of the person. The ultimate restriction of any tool is… you know, the person holding it. Exactly. But in general, I think Axe and Knife…
It was neck and neck. If you want to build a house… for the bigger stuff you might go
for the axe, for the smaller stuff, you’ll go for the knife. but of course… I wouldn’t be able to cut a tree down
with a knife very easy. He would. So, hope you liked the video. Please leave a comment… please do. We really like the interaction with the viewer. you know if you have any feedback… or questions, or some new
content you want us to do. Let us know! It be cool, it be cool. Check out our other videos. Subscribe to the channel. cause… what do we have next
week up Dylan? Some dual survival Dual survival. Yes. Ooh, it’s gonna be bad with the midges… Tough shit shit coming up… They are bad as they are. Let’s go. Ooh yes… See you on the next one. Next thursday! Wait, wait a second… before you eat it all. You gotta build a freaking house… you take your axe. Yeah, but don’t take this axe
for building a house. I mean… Big one indeed. This… is a great, compromise axe. It has a little bit of all worlds. For massive chopping and… felling, it’s too small. I think you can also choose… maybe… to bring: your knife… and your folding saw, hey. These are two tools, but still…
they are less weight than the axe and they are easier to carry,
still, with the two of them and I think, both of them,
is a more powerful combination than only the axe. How about that Dylan?
how about that…? What is the weight on the two of them? Esee would be… what would it be? half a kilo? little bit less. This one we know from the folding saw review. Check it out here! It’s two, two fifty… two hundred… This set be 600 grams. This is… This is 900. A folding saw and a knife is
a very powerful combination and it is very hard to beat by an axe. I disagree. I think if you have…
An axe, bigger than this one… and a little pocket knife, about the size of this. Right. You can… you know… You can live forever… That’s true, but that’s the
same as this. And still… No… You can’t build a house with that man No that’s true. You can’t…
You can build a house with an axe. It’s a big **** tough job to carry big axe like
that. You don’t carry that around all day When you’re wimpy… It’s not handy…
when you’re wimpy. It’s not handy like. You can’t handle a big axe in one hand. When you do carving, you usually use one hand No you can… That’s not going to work with that axe… What axe? I’m talking about like… you know like…
one, one and a half kilos Yes! I’m not talking about a massive
splitting axe, that weighs like 2,5 kilos… Okay, interesting, interesting. You know… this one is 900 grams, right… I’m talking about a kilo, kilo
and a half max. with a longer handle. but, the head is still
going to be light enough… to do one handed operation for sure! … But, if you go trekking or anything… I might not wanna bring my axe. and just bring my folding saw and my knife. You know, you got tiny axes to? Some axes are this small… Hatchets. But yeah, this is it, right? It’s all… you know… what is the person doing… what does he want to do? what can he do? you know…

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