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Atlas Release Date Confirmed – Atlas Pirate Survival MMO (Ark Meets Sea Of Thieves)

Atlas Release Date Confirmed – Atlas Pirate Survival MMO (Ark Meets Sea Of Thieves)

hey guys welcome back now if you cast your mind back to a few months ago we covered a game called Atlas now if you don’t know what
Atlas is, it comes from the creators of Ark survival evolved now we weren’t
expecting this to come out until 2019 quarter one a quarter two however is
dropping in the 15th of December five days time now this is exciting news
however I’m gonna be a better skeptical and say there’s been no beta first game
yet so it has a potential to have a lot of issues on release however our fingers
crossed it runs as smooth as a scene it’s going to do now the Front’s are
quite big punches here the sin there’s the potential for 40,000 players to
explore the globe simultaneously at one time now if you don’t know war Atlas as
think of CF Eve’s on a much bigger scale now see if Eve’s liked a lot of content
with a fuss came out however everything that was seen from Atlas is shown as a
hell of a lot of content you can take over our thoughts you can Belfort’s you
can build your own ships you start with a dinghy and walk away up to galleons
all customizable you can also have ranks within your team full of tenants
everything else as Phil PvP there’s monsters and the water and above the
water and it just looks it looks amazing to be honest but again I’ll be skeptical
because there’s been no beta now there’s also treasure hunting it’s a
little thing that see if he’s done as well but I think that’d be more of their
like quest lanes because as an MMO this has got the potential just to stick and
just at the end of the year and maybe just drivers by the nuts and gather
something good because we’ve had a lot of early access games I’ve come out this
year what she’ll just die the death quake quake so hopeful s1 sneaks in and
just gets herself now I will be running a server thanks to the tribal my service
sponsor all the details flat server will be on my desk or the link is below if
you want to join we’re running it all from the desk odd reason being if we
have any mods except for are any issues you can directly get in contact with
them in that desk odd logging off a separate one there’s no point
warp in the separate rooms for outlets as well I will stream and launch I’ll
try and get some sort of review as well so if you’re on the fence about buying
this I have that’s going to be 15 pounds roughly or 20 pounds
there’s no effects price as yet that I know of if you know please let us know
below this has got a lot of potential but solve it a lot other games
so hopefully this Kanis wheezes towards having some sort of thief and early
access games again now a lot of people enjoy arc I personally didn’t get into
art myself mainly because Ross was over the same
time and that was a game I chose over the turd but there’s a strong following
and the guys who worked on Atlas come from a certain division I believe and
arc who are very highly respected so these guys not the doing apart they’ve
been walking us for a long time so guys there’s gonna be a hell of a lot and
here I’m going to put a full description and links below so you can look into it
vastly I’ll try and get more initial content out on this as well so I can
just feel break their elephants coming let’s just let you know whether it’s
coming out we’re gonna have the server up and running I’m assuming it as well
and it’s something hopefully getting a ton of good for 2018

10 thoughts on “Atlas Release Date Confirmed – Atlas Pirate Survival MMO (Ark Meets Sea Of Thieves)

  • Yeah its early access so we basically are playing the beta. Its using the sharks and bears from ark as well (which i have no problem with) im use to playing early access games. Thanks for uploading this i didnt even know this game was coming out and holy shit it does look amazing and filled of content and things to do. I loved sea of thieves but literally NOTHING to do in that game and i hate how the sea was empty and this game just has so much even tho its early access

  • That's why ARK Extinction servers are crahsing every 20 to 30 minutes and Wildcard doesn't do shit about it – they preparing their next cash grab … Don't buy this!

  • It'd be an extremely poor decision to buy this game. Everything in this game is recycled, reskinned and reused assets from ark survival evolved and dark and light. If you've already paid for ark survival evolved or dark and light it's pointless purchasing this game. Wildcard is constantly releasing "new" content, games or DLC which is made up of reskins of already existing assets. The ark player base have pretty much bought the same content and game over and over. I honestly can't believe this company is still running.

    This will be a messy. Lag fest just like Ark.

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