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Ark Survival Evolved: We Did It!

Ark Survival Evolved: We Did It!

Alright get this metal yeah, take it. Yeah, and throw it in big Cooter. I like you You don’t have to tell me this yeah I know we’ve been doing it a bunch see if I can pick you up hold on hold on okay? But I know I got something on the ground okay. What is it right here? See if you can pick me up now yep. Oh, no, you’re too. Heavy, man. You’re fat. I know well We’re doing metal aren’t we yeah? I just dropped something all right I did has that see uh yeah, it’s slow going but yeah, we can get back to the barn Neebs! Thick! Hey man you see that gator under there. Yeah, I want to taint it. Oh Hey, we kill it because it’s just chomping at our stuff. I need to get some silica plural yeah, you get silica pearls I’m gonna get Steve a friend. Do you think I’m Gonna be okay? Just get them, silica pearls while you’re getting siva prem yeah, all right. Let’s try this out. I got the dangerous job Why should I wait you can jump in there’s I’m gonna jump in. There’s an alligator in there. Oh boy, oh Yeah, coming after me man Is it coming after you? Nah? He’s still sitting there. All right. Don’t get near it. I’m gonna tame them It’s gonna be a nice a dip up Where’d he go? Where’d it go? I? Don’t know can’t think of the sun all right. I’m swimming if I can see this thing you know elliot is a beer Didn’t knock it out already didn’t look like it looking around no, it’s not over here. You don’t see it anywhere Yeah, good gator got me Why knock them out? Oh, you knocked him out with my fists oh it Ain’t it ain’t him food dicks about to starve a death? I meant to eat earlier, and then I got distracted Typical needs get busy you know I’m saying need to look right above us right above us Yep, yeah, the obelisk no no Actually I went behind the tree now oh right there, but argent Davis There’s the two of them. What about it. You should came that too Am I crazy I mean I just wanted a friend for Steve What about a friend for Cooter I? Mean we’re Cooter’s friends needs that things walking right towards me Yeah, I think it’s gonna be aggressive. I think it wants to be my friend. He’s eyeballing you oh oh Good don’t want to be my friend neither. What are you gonna? Do? You payment or killing pain? Let me see if I can ha ha I’m too Swift oh boy I’m the Taylor Swift of ARc. Oh it took your pants on. No you brought the pants. Oh, I got him ok Alright double came loose. I’m meeting there, and then we need to get more silica pearls ok Simon yeah, we go. I’m under our beam Going out there looking for barry Okay, well when you get a chance. I’ll get a little bit more wood put it in the forge. Okay. Look at Barry’s Mat, what do you say a little bit ago? You saying something? salmon Salmon fucking around Boy Batman yeah were you at? I’m in comfort running you. Where are you? I am to your left, okay? Batman see me running. Oh there You are this is me to break the fence because I can’t not gonna have to give you some of this stuff Yeah, I don’t know if you notice sneaky-ass That’s what your boys name. Yeah, sneaky ass is a kind of going on and on about something Well, I don’t give a shit pick up that metal I forgot to dump it before no there might be a storm or something coming just want to let you know alright I’m fine with that. I don’t care noobs got a storm I know man the alligator is almost tamed, but that birds taken forever also if this bird gets hit one more time. It’s dead Alright dick. Hey, we got another Gator Gators ready. I know it’s a female I’m going to take her inside and introduce her to steve hey can I name her yeah? Hold on. This is appropriate you remember the movie to say a lot um no ah In the sandlot there was a lifeguard girl her name is Wendy peppercorn Bedford corn peppercorn yeah Good reference stick it is considering. There’s a sandstorm going on All right, let’s take Wendy inside and introduce her to Steve all right. I’ll keep an eye on Almost dead bird, okay, steve. This is Wendy peppercorn Wendy. This is Steve She’s named after some movie that only thing is seen, but he seems to like it though be friends storm subsided yeah Good right. Good good good. Yeah, open the door. Hi can we start having fun now well? Yeah, we’re waiting for ticking needs to get bad. I know I’d like to start having fun now What should we do until they get back? I don’t know want to do like a duel I mean I told her we wouldn’t shoot each other I know but I mean I’m just saying we could duel like the quick-draw like we go from here It’s like 1 2 3 boom and then we draw our weapons, and we see and we only do one shot All right, and we see who gets hit first if anybody ok, I’m down with that are we good yeah All right, so um you do have a pistol. Yeah, I got something You guys I don’t have a pistol I got this All right hold on a rifle, but it’s just one shot. So we’re going to do how we gonna count it down I got one shot okay, but it’s like one two three go is that Gonna be it? Yeah, I guess so okay. All right you want to count it down a man one two three draw yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh Gonna get your sack. Oh shit. You got me let’s shout your head off Oh, no, my good yellow hat yeah, damn it shut that fucker right off your head. I shouldn’t have played this damn I’m a good a saint you are good. Damn. You’re good a same. Ya know you have a good a same You’re not a damn good a saint yeah, damn. I’m a good-ass ain’t no damn. I have a good a saint damn I have a good a same damn ahead like a damn. I’m a good a saint better. All right well I don’t know which one’s right, but one of us is wrong you think yeah, man. I got silica pearls for days man nice They’re all in this water like hundreds of them of this bird coming almost there man, all right? Oh Hey There we go all right thick you you want it you name it. Oh, shoot. Let’s see a Male or female don’t leave it for some something silly like something from the sandlot You act like you don’t know that movie. I’ve heard the name, but when does movie come out of the 70s no man I don’t know of a name right now. I kind of want to get him to safety because he was hurt bad Yeah, I’m gonna think of a name later. Okay. We should build a saddle real quick before we leave. Oh yeah See see I can make noises like you guys That’s true. Yo, what are you doing out here? I’m in here chat with a jerboas Becoming one with him. Oh, okay. I’m going to do that with you the back of the throat Terrible Simon Ohio thank you. I got a roll the tone you kind of got to squeeze your throat hey guys oh No, no, nothing like that No a little bit better. That’s just getting there. Oh Fuck it hateful. I can give you a tattoo. Yeah, sure just don’t be stupid with it Don’t make it like a penis all right. What do you want Simon like a good smiley face? um Like an Anchor. I’ll do an anchor. I’ll give you a good Ol anchor there you go Thank you got an anchor all right. Let me see if I could check it out. Oh Yeah, I like it. Yeah, it’s a nice anchor. Oh hey. Hey. I like it know who the hell’s that good work. Well, okay? Hello, finally. Oh, hey guys sibella. Oh shit ah Absolutely, who’s the bird we got a new friend? I? Like it. We tamed it whilst aiming a girlfriend for steve. Oh steve has a girlfriend now Yep, wendy told her corn, but they’re gonna have babies. You know you know Wendy pepper corn from the movie No one saw well, this is that from the sandlot Cheese you know I remember seeing the sandlot I don’t remember that name wendy pepper that was that one fork or not with a g hold open What are you lee? Anne, lot? What is this – a movie it was over a bunch of kids playing baseball Yeah, it was the the chick that was a lifeguard right I got bad news Bears No, odd you’re in his younger years Wendy’s in Wonder years Oh my God that the comments on this video are going to be insane Just yelling at you you were alex. Just came in here shaking his head like who do we work with? Do you want to name a character after uh someone from beaches next yeah? What was Bette Midler’s name beaches I don’t mean I like bette midler. That’s a fun name We don’t have a female does a bird doesn’t have a name. We need a male’s name Oh, it was in there besides Bettman Michael bay directed that you imagine Michael Bay’s peaches Bette Midler exploding all right, but hey we get to work the job Metal oh Metal Forging away, baby. All right done our jobs. I mean look at us. We’re Professionals man well cool. Let’s go inside get to work all right. Here’s the plan We’re going to bring these dragons down once and for all yeah All of them every single one the one to stand in our path listen I want to build two generators two turrets, and I’m going to need some metal cable Cable, huh, we’re going to guess we have give them gas yeah Big easy to math we can make more gas so should I make one of these turrets right now? Yeah, go ahead make one all right one turret. Come it up Two turrets right to be safe yeah, yeah, so we got one done already all right. We got to make bullet as well What kind of bullets I don’t know whatever goes in the things going to generators inside Cooter? That should be the last thing right yep, two generators two turrets all right. What the hell? We got gas yep, and we got wires yep Shit, man let’s go. How big was that fish uh wingy you want to know how big the fish was yeah This was this big yeah, ha ha ha ha it never gets old dude. Oh come on We’re going I’ll fly cooter. I’ll pick you up me thank you oh keep an eye out for a Water source we can lower close to gordo Lagoon you want to stop there? Maybe just so everybody can fill up on water all right quick. Stop Agora grab some snacks and drinks and head on to the canyon All right, everybody good food you need I’m cooking fish right now, man. I’m sorry. I’m checking out I’m checking out lifeguard Steve’s girl. Yeah, wendy pepper cola yeah. Yeah, that’s it good good I like the bikini yeah from beaches You and I’m going to slice you up where you need Making a tent that you can sleep in in case you get a hot all right. Well make anymore Sam, lot jokes I’m gonna slice you up with this sword well. Don’t worry. I never saw the movie. I had a bunch of character They all go bad already Bad carrots they go bad quick. Yeah carrots go bad in like a minute dude I just wasted like 60 carrots like Super bananas It’s good my gosh your dad asked if you don’t know something. Well. I did you know what Barry’s last a really long time Yeah, yeah, so I figured carrots would last longer than berries. Yep. They don’t a little hard to grow those well They should last longer All right, I’m ready guys. I’m fed. I got water my clothes are mended Let’s do this. I’m good to go me too buddy. Let’s rock all right Steve, Wendy get you later All right keep an eye out for dragons leaves I’m looking man. Well some down there already All right Louis these are towers Everybody be on the lookout okay. We need to move. I’m hot. What are we going to get a tip setup yep? I got it stand by all right tent by the garage Here’s all about to do we may have to change the way this is built Whoa, that’s bright. It is a bright day All right, bring the wires and the turrets okay Forget the church the gender its first, and then we can go from there are the generators down there – yeah, they’re in cooter Maybe have some and carry those where’s dad trying to climb this stupid ladder Because it’s not easy that is dumb. Yeah, they have the sun, and yo aim you hit a and you wait a second no But getting sure my health is going down again How do I get off of the ladder go to the top right a jump and I’ll fall down there he goes Motherfucker, how do I get all hit spacebar and then just sort of like walk in the direction that you want to go? Yeah? That’s what I’ve done. Did it hit spacebar. I hit spacebar with the direction I wanted to go don’t fucking tell me I didn’t do that because that’s what I did You’re back at the bottom zalman. I know that here. I’ll come get it. No no no no I want to see him do it now All right, so here. I am bring me your middle pliers. Go the liar Now jump has that and then go to the left to right right perfect jumping to go to the left? Yeah So what’s literacy? You know what this is what we’re gonna. Do I’m gonna give one more shot. You can do it buddy. Oh Past Few Years, okay? Hey dick. Hey dick Spacebar left or right no Poet correct just left or right? Yeah? You just sort of jump off and then like point your mouse direction towards the door you want to go. Oh Yeah Did it all right put this big dick let’s put it on this back corner right here. I don’t want you look at that Yeah, all right you got the weight. I’m out the way here. We go. Yeah Yeah, one turret down. Oh, yeah. Look at that. What turn this thing on oh? Yeah man those dragons got it coming I Can’t wait. Yeah, you know what I can name this thing really We guys will call it Dragon’s lair Not bad Dragon’s lair one and this one’s dragon slayer – got it dragon Slayer one, all right I got a set to attack wild animals at High range perfect Don’t know where I want to be ya know last time. I was at a tower, and I got murdered Hmm. I don’t want to stand on here Dangerous, isn’t it okay guys. I’m right here. Can you see me? Yeah? Oh, yeah? Yeah, I could come so you’re gonna you’re gonna go down try to only lure one dragon this time. What’s your buddy? If I sum up three dragons yep, you look good up there. You look good down there absolutely Yeah, I got my gun ready just in case I want it to Ran boy Nervous me nervous Nuestro this waiting’s getting help, auntie yeah Listen there’s no action down there. Is it possible he can go and just get an egg? Oh, here. Are you here hey? What’d you just grab that dragon chasing you? I don’t know is there a dragon behind me. I just ran. Oh yeah Oh shit. There you go the turks are working. Oh shit two of them. Oh God get him terry right, okay? guys welcome back we have another dragon coming in what him turret oh, I’m shooting – Wow, oh my God, okay? Oh my God wait only now hold on the weekend and eggs Yeah, I got an egg get the fuck out of here right? Let’s get up. Hey. Let’s see if this bring it Oh gosh, what happened here free the dragon. Oh shit, okay? Did it hold no more them? Oh, yeah, guys we got to get the fuck out here now. Let’s go away, baby oh They will be fuck take cooter get the fuck out of here. They’re here Try it was I fucking turned on by yourself. Oh my God. Why are you all good? Oh, God? Owners attack and kill the motherfucker. Oh, thank you Joey. I said hey did get tudor get killed on got here now me trying I’m sure I was trying to see if there was any milk in those things don’t worry about bunnies oh you gotta get this egg and go about what got a thing why am Ia Fucking in the door the fucking bird go to this size gate. Take me with you Shit, where is everybody oh? We lost we need an gaining weight ding ding. Yeah Damn, it crap fuck where are you guys imma buy the tin about a tin check the inventory? Fire talon, what is that? Take some berries. I’m already hungry. God Check all the dragons. I’ll do it. I’m doing it. We got a check by like four five dragon six dragons Yeah, I think look. Oh, man. Those turrets were awesome though. Yeah, holy shit. I think alan, what do we do with that? I don’t know it’s kicking up your button. Have a good ass, huh? There’s no milk the cool funny things have milk in it. You grab the saddle off winky dink meg at least oh, man put on You should say some words respect here we ding-Dang was a friend a Bird and The method of transportation yes, you was we’ll miss you. We need ending recipe Shall we chop her up for me what you want yep, do it? Wicked Day we exam booty Bop boo Bop did 55 boop that needle Da doo da Ba. Dee da Ba doop Honorable D-Day Buddha body face How’s our dude I do? you

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