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ARK: Survival Evolved Tutorial – How to Tame the Otter

ARK: Survival Evolved Tutorial – How to Tame the Otter

Hey Guys, Kaiser here! Today, I’m going to show you
where to find and how to tame the otter! The otter is a passive tame, but one of the most annoying
passive tames in the game because it won’t stop moving. You’re going to learn how to stop them in their tracks, and keep them still long enough to feed them. Just bring 2 foundations, 5 walls, 1
door frame, 1 door and a ramp. I also recommend bringing an
Icthyornis with you as well, but that is completely optional! So without further ado, let’s get to it! Okay, I’m at 78.2 latitude by 61.8 longitude. I’m lucky that this one’s on land, but they’re usually swimming in rivers and hard to spot. If none spawn on your map kill everything in the area
and hopefully one will spawn in. Now, first we want to build your trap. Begin by placing 2 foundations. And then, line the edges with walls
to create an elongated box with one opening. Afterwards, place your door frame and door. Finally, place your ramp so that the
little guy can actually follow you into the trap. Now that the trap’s done we need to get the Otter’s attention
by punching it right in its cute little face! There we go! These guys are usually completely passive, but they will defend themselves. The otter will easily follow you into your trap. Once she’s in just jump over her and shut the door. Now you’ve got her! However, she will remain aggressive
as long as you stay near her. You’ll have to leave her draw distance
and then come back to return the otter to her passive state. Okay, I’m back again. Let’s go check the otter. As you can see; she’s back to being
her cute and cuddly self again. Now, otter eat fish,
but not from your hot bar. You’ll have to kill a fish and bring
the dead body to the otter and feed her that way. That’s where our Icthyornis comes in. But if you don’t have one
feel free to kill them yourself. Once you find a fish; throw the ichthy off your shoulder
by double-tapping the “F” key. To have it attack the fish; look at your target
and press the “period” key. The icthy will kill your target fish,
and bring it back to you. It’s believed that a fish killed by an icthy
will actually allow you to tame the otter faster, but I’ve seen no official evidence to prove this. Also to note: the saber-tooth salmon give the best
taming efficiency followed by the piranha. Once you bring the fish to the otter
wait for the feed fish prompt, and then press the “E” key. The feeding interval is 27 seconds. Okay, here’s the frustrating part: The fish you are holding actually
blocks you from pressing the prompt. You will have to move back and forth
to get the fish out of your way, like so, so that you can feed the otter. Just eat iiiiiiiit! There we go! It takes a little practice,
but it gets a little easier every time! And there we go! The Otter’s tamed and you didn’t have to
swim around or chase her down at all. Gonna name her Harry Otter. Not only are these adorable shoulder mounts; They have a few other cool features as well! Let me put the icthy away and I’ll show you! Fair warning:
These otters are weak. Low level otters cannot kill pirhana. I accidentally killed Harry Otter
trying to save her. Okay! I’m back with Harry Otter II! For his first trick: throw him off your
shoulder by double-tapping the “F” key. Then, target a fish with the “period” key. After killing the fish, they’ll come
back with a pearl every single time. It’s rare, but they can sometimes
bring you black pearls as well. Just check their inventory to claim it. And for their second trick:
you can equip helmets onto your otter. Not only is it an amazing fashion accessory; This might have been able to save
Harry Otter from my sword earlier. Okay! Today we successfully tamed an otter! These guys may be weak,
but they have a few cool features! They can find you pearls,
they can wear hats, and there’s one final feature
that I didn’t touch on earlier. These guys, when on your shoulder, act as an insulator! This insulation increases
the more you increase their melee stat. So if you’re low level, and you’re having trouble scrounging up enough pelt to make a set of fur armor, these guys might give you just enough
protection from the cold to keep you from freezing. And that’s pretty cool! Anyway, thanks for watching! If you liked this video,
please give it a thumbs up! If you want to see more of my videos; hit that subscribe button and ring that bell
so you get notified when I come out with new content. And if you want me to show you
how to tame something else; just leave me a comment,
and I’ll see what I can do for you! You guys have a nice one! See ya!

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