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Importance of Survival Skills

Apocalypse, how? A preppers’ survival guide to the end of the world

Apocalypse, how? A preppers’ survival guide to the end of the world

We live in uncertain times. – At a minimum, I want them to think maybe
we would use it. With global tensions escalating and faith in the establishment being eroded, increasing numbers of people are turning to self-sufficiency, as a kind of insurance against disaster. – You never know what’s going to happen. – You’ve got to go and get water, you’ve got to go and get food, you’ve got to go and get firewood. – That training is key. These people are labelled ‘preppers’, a term loaded with baggage thanks to the extreme stereotype imported from the US and enhanced by the media. – Somebody get some help over here! In the States, Silicon Valley billionaires – people who have made their money forecasting the future – are buying up luxury bunkers in preparation for the apocalypse. We have bunkers in the UK as well. One of them is situated in a farmer’s field near Brechin, rented for one pound a year by Jim
Sherrit. Jim!
– Hello! Good to meet you. Can we come in? ‘Course you can. Great. This is metre-thick, reinforced concrete roof, walls and floor underneath reinforced concrete, with a bitumen seal and then a brick base
on the outside. These were designed to withstand a nuclear blast. And it will still work today? It would still work today. Better protection than what most of the people in the village would get. – Whistle blows When you talk about cold war and nuclear bombs, especially with the younger generation, and you start telling them how you were preparing
for it, they don’t believe you. And I think a lot of people didn’t want to know about what happens when things go boom. Nuclear war is a possibility most people prefer not to contemplate. But this is not an option available to emergency planners. When the bomb goes off, the airwave comes through, shoots right down through here, and would register on here how powerful the blast is. If that goes up to there, you panic. Hostage! Papa one! Hostage, papa one. What would happen to this outpost? You’d have a three man crew down here for 21 days minimum, to record and sound the alarms. So if you’re going above ground you’ve got
to go all suited up. When I started restoring this, people would
say, ‘You’re daft, you’re restoring a nuclear bunker!’ Then you had Brexit, then you had
Trump, and now you’re getting questions like, ‘So, what’s prepping all about?’ You say, well, prepping is a bit like life insurance. It’s something we all have, but we don’t want
to cash in. Jim, do you have a family? Five kids. You’ve got five kids, it’s a three-man outpost. Who comes down? We all come down. Anyone else? No, me, the wife, five kids. I think that will be crammed enough as it is. Where do you go to the toilet? We’ve got a toilet. Really? That’s your toilet in there. Basically a bucket with a lid on it. You’d certainly need the toilet when the bombs start flying. Do you have enough faith in the government
and society that after 21 days you go up above ground and there’s something there waiting
for you? I think there’ll be something waiting for
us. But what remains to be seen. Do you just come back down and pull the hatch down, or do you climb out and march on to some place where people have all gathered? How long do you think it would take before
society breaks down, before people start … so it’s medieval? So people are running about, in gangs, doing bad stuff. Primal Bushcraft run this ‘Urban Survival
and Prepping Skills’ course from a country park outside Edinburgh. Course leader Matt
Smith has noticed an increased interest in people wanting to learn survival techniques. People in cities, large towns and urban environments – if something happened and everyone knew they had a stash of food, a stash of water, medical supplies or whatever, guess where they’re going? They’re coming to your house. But when you talk about things like societal
breakdown and that sort of thing, people would say, ‘This is kind of scaremongering, this
isn’t going to happen. Why are you flogging this one?’ If people are scared then let’s give them
the experience and training to help save and preserve life if something should happen. But also if they’re worried about it, once you’ve given them the training, they go, ‘Do you know what? Actually I feel better. I’ve mitigated that fear a bit.’ What do you most want to find out that you
don’t know already? I just want to make sure that the knowledge I have I can apply in the real world. Yeah. Hopefully for pleasure, not for survival. You can use it as an adhesive, or like put
it over a cut to keep it sealed. Have you had an interest in this sort of thing
for a long time? Yeah. Really? Where do you think that stems from? Dislike of people. Is it really? Yeah. What happens if one day something bad happens? I just wouldn’t know what to do and it’s just great actually to pick up some skills. Especially, I think, as a woman, don’t you think? It’s sort of … you have to rely on yourself. Johnny, what’s happened? Erm, I’ve cut my arm off. [laughs] They’re not expecting this, are they? No. Go on, give us a squirt … I sort of feel
a bit ill, to be honest. Honestly? Good luck, Johnny. Thank you very much. See you in a bit. Basically, when it all goes Pete Tong, and there’s no emergency services, emergency services look after themselves first. What do they go away with after speaking to
you? Confidence. Help! Help! Somebody get some help over here! – Help me! Somebody help me! Aargh! – Keep it on, keep it on. All right, mate? You’re going to be all right, don’t worry about it. Get you a nice brew when you’re done. You’ll be fine, all right? He’s got a vein coming down here, it’s going
to hit the bone … You’re never going to have nurses, vets, doctors
at hand. It’s going to be Joe Bloggs with the limited bit of skills he’s got. Will this stain clothing? – Yeah. But you know what? It’s fine. – Shit happens. How did that go, do you think? Went well, aye. What we’re trying to catch
is the initial [shock]. But somebody’s got to take charge. Job done. – Job done, mate. High five! – Yeah. [laughs] For most people, disappearing into the woods is very much a worst-case scenario. But if Britain was struck by a viral pandemic, you may need to survive for up to three months without leaving the house. Prepper Jay Olliver is confident he can do just that. Oh wow. OK, so this is part of the supplies that we
have here. Fantastic. There’s quite a good range of stuff here. You’re going to eat well, right? Do your neighbours know that you do this? Chances are you’re not going to have a conversation about prepping with your neighbour. The world comes into sheep, sheep dogs and wolves. Wolves – one set of people that will take advantage and target sheep. And then you have people like emergency services, soldiers, private security contractors, stuff like that, that are the sheep dogs. These are the people with the skills and the ability to be able to stand up and try and defend themselves and other people. To be able to find those like-minded
people can be quite difficult if you don’t have that central hub of people to go to. You’ve got some pretty slick branding. Yes. It is very key for us to be able to have a professional image online. We do regular live streams – and there we are, we’re live. Oh great, we’ve got a viewer. Hello. I don’t know who that is yet. Oh, it really is going on isn’t it? Yeah, yeah. Carl’s saying, ‘The media portrays us as idiots, as tinfoil-hat-wearing, bunker in the back garden’. Yeah, absolutely. I’ve told you, we don’t talk about the bunkers. Robert, have you got a question for us? Probably for Jay, rather than me, but do send in a question. I’d be quite good at this, wouldn’t I? Hey James! ‘The media can be quite unfair, I don’t prep for zombies or anything like that, I like to be prepared for other things
that may commonly happen.’ Such as James? What … ‘Car accidents, job loss, flooding.’ ‘I joined because you are family-orientated and don’t make me feel alone in my prepping.’ That’s one of the things that I think is key about this, is people like a sense of belonging to a group that kind of understand and can share
ideas and stuff like that. If I was in my hometown and I didn’t have this, I potentially wouldn’t know anybody else that was doing it. We’re pack animals, after all. That’s it. And the idea with this is that
we’re trying to find like-minded people. But we’re not wolves. Not wolves. In the event of a global disaster, a gas mask, water filter and tomahawk may be of limited use. – That wasn’t meant to do that, was it? But as an antidote to creeping complacency, Brought on by the convenience of modern life … Sorry. The prepper’s mentality is perhaps something
to be celebrated.

99 thoughts on “Apocalypse, how? A preppers’ survival guide to the end of the world

  • I honestly don't see the point in preparing for an apocalypse. Of course everyone has the obligation to prevent wars and apocalypses, but what sense would be there in living if the the entirety or the majority of the society has been eradicated? I'd rather die than having to cope with our mess.

  • every day the ideas of a nuclear bunker, being a prepper and police death squads seem less and less like mad fever dreams and more like common sense.

  • you can survive a mass shooting or a terrorist attack you can survive a plane crash, you can survive a lightning strike, you can survive a sinking car, you can survive a wild animal attack, you can survive a snow storm,… period you can survive any scenario if you apply this basic rule that you can find more about it visiting this link and get ypur free trail copy: .

  • интересно, а где он будет чистую воду брать, а воздух,-зараженный радиацией трудно очистить…….

  • lets hope that at the end of the century this video will just be the equivalent of old american school videos teaching children during the cold war about nuclear bombs and how dangerous is/was russia.

  • There are inescapable catastrophes nowadays, thus having the best survival guide “suvo amazing guide” (Google it) is best. The author has done good job of gathering and sharing this valuable tips and tricks regarding how to get ready and survive in critical situation which could arise anytime.

  • Too bad all the subjects in the UK have been neutered. Good luck protecting yourselves with " keep calm and carry on " shirts and butter knives, lol. And don't worry about nukes, Islam will destroy you way before that, they're halfway there.

  • in the 80s the west had 50,000 more bombs than it does today. back then end of the world nuclear war was real. today its not. most of the world wouldnt even know it happened if they didnt tune in. stop the fear mongering nonsense.

  • I live in the most northern part of Ontario, Canada. I have my own well and lots of wildlife to eat. I would miss gaming on steam but I would be fine lol.

  • One of my favorite shows is Top Gear UK . And I don't mean this with hate . But I'm starting to realize that those guys are britons more manly men . I don't know how to say this . Y'all look soft .

  • Nice subtle implication that Trump will cause the literal Apocalypse… I think that's a little unrealistic.
    Seriously though, this was a cool video. If the world ends, I hope I have a Scotsman to keep me safe.

  • I fear more of a 1984/Brave New World will be much more likely than any other apocalyptic future as the proofs and pathways are already in motion for it. Nuclear Bunkers and other things like that would be great as a defense against the Government but Im pretty sure if they want you they'll get you before you know their coming. Im sure your on a list and will be the first to go if you have these resources and will be taken care of before anyone else notices. Then they will use the Frog Boiling Method to remove all citizens rights slowly and then basically indoctrinate them into willing servitude….If you cant see that its happening already then you havent been paying attention.

  • Should this happen, why on earth would you want to survive it? To slowly starve after or worse? Nah, rather be at the center of the blast and make it quick.

  • I used to think these people that were planning survival bunkers in case of a doomsday scenario were crazy . But if you look at were we're heading today in a world that starting look less and less safe !! Im jumping right on board to learn all these survival skills . I highly doubtful that humanity will survive this century !!!!

  • A REAL prepper would keep his, or her, mouth shut and not tell a living soul about their preps, location or nature of their preps.

  • @ 7.02, the sheep dogs ain't gonna protect you in such times. They'll look after them and their own. And I would not blame them. In times of real crises it's every person for themself.

    In a kill, or be killed, potential scenario I would not even bother to think. I would kill first, and (if I was in the mood) question later. So would every other human being when confronted with a genuine survival situation where the thin veneer of civilisation has been ripped apart. These people are delusional.

    You can have all the tools necessary to survive, but if you are anything less than totally ruthless you will die.

  • 5:57/9:10 – will this stain clothing ? . Poor boy will benefit from mental health care now to survive now or his training goes away in crisis.

  • No way! I'd rather be above ground.. Way too small to spend much time in… Psychologic stresses are unseen with so many people living in a tiny area under the stress of nukes… Most likely psychosis would develope and safety would go out the window..

  • Yeah, because I'm going to trust a F*CKING thing the Guardian Has to say about preppers and prepping and general preparedness!😂 M.S.M. equals lies!

  • If there is to be a nuclear war, just put a gun to my head, videos like this don't even touch what a nuclear winter will be like, want a better idea of what I'm talking about , watch threads.

  • Prepare to meet….
    A financial crisis….
    The Mother of all pandemics…
    Martial law….
    A FEMA camp….
    A solar storm….
    Your Maker…

  • tryna be all "edgy/cagey secretive about his prepping BUT ok to let the corrupt authorities AKA alexa KNOW everything! :/

  • During the 2008 recession, our family used all of one years food storage we had. My husband business was tanking and I was grateful I had the food storage to rely on.

  • A more realistic scenario: After the Dollar and Pound die, the governments can no longer pay welfare. Food prices double because of devaluation. Hungry people cause nationwide food riots. Criminals join in. They come for your food. What do you do?
    In America we buy weapons.

  • Try going without an income for 2 years. I mean ZERO! You find out just what you can live without and what's important. Sure, SNAP will get you food but electricity, animal feed, and even toilet paper, soaps (all types) etc? Nope. You get very creative in those situations. Once the illness was over and full health restored and work obtained again, you better darn well believe we started prepping!!! Momma will NOT go without TP again! LOL Food is important (and we have it) but so are other things. I get upset with the hubs for not taking advantage of living in a hotel for 6 months. He could be bringing me all kinds of goodies like soap, shampoo, etc but he doesn't. 🙁

  • The dumbest thing he did, with all this equipment, bunker, strategies… is that he made all this publicly known.

  • America has a psychotic madman with dementia with his finger on the nuclear trigger. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Just to do a little nit picking, the fire starting technique's were a little off.
    First, you should use the back of the knife, not the edge when shaving of tender. The sharp edge makes tender to thick. The back of the knife will produce fluffy quick starting tender.
    And the ferrous rod should be pulled back, instead of pushing the steel forward.

  • The Royal Observer Corps were never issued with NBC suits, Respirators (gas masks ) etc.
    Most ROC Posts did not even have radios, but had to rely on telephone landlines.
    The majority of posts did not have filtration filter systems against NBC agents.
    They would have done there tasks, but after several days they would be dying of radiation poisoning.
    Not a happy death !

  • Instead of National service introduce the Prepping Skill Service. Perhaps everyone would then respect their environment and natural resources more. Any leader should have an ejector seat and if warmongering immediately begone.

  • You are going to die it's all about how hard you want to fight until you most people don't have the grit of our ancestors to ride it out if your a Veteran best bet stick with other Vet's stay cold and alert

  • WRATH and WARS Revelation 11: 18 Jeremiah 25: 24-26 also means the financial system will MELT DOWN IN ONE HOUR. Revelation 18: 17 Ezekiel 7: 19. YET political persons treat a war with Iran like GOING ON A PICNIC. Do you understand what is happening, right now?

  • I can't imagine many Guardian readers surviving 2 inches of snow without the full suite of government aid.

  • Make no mistake Private security contractors and Police will turn into wolves and take what ever they want from you for their own survival and comfort including trade with other wolves.

  • I'm fairly certain they are speaking "English" but with their accents I need some subtitles!
    I could catch about every third word. Sigh.

  • Ok bro . No body is moor than 70 mile from the sea bro no 1 will posion the land but a nuke in the sea would put a wave over you 200 f high . Thats the way of war bro win

  • The prescribed penalty for high treason is death. Death by public hanging , hung by the neck till dead. I can think of two executions I would pay to attend

  • That dine excellent on the amputation I'm a retired firefighter and it's different then actually seeing it in real life that can only train you what to do they cant train you how to deal with the pressure or how to act when a real life patient is screaming in agonizing pain you got minutes to react so the patient doesn't bleed out

  • Sweden has Russia as a neighbor. They ENCOURAGE prepping and self-sufficiency as a consequence. I live in the richest nation in the world. Does that make me safe? Am I immune? I also live in a nation literally every other nation would love to plunder. I live in a nation many resent for it's power, resources and global hegemony.

  • All you pricks who make fun of these people remember this.
    If you have insurance, you are a "prepper".
    If you have a hurricane evacuation plan, guess what. You are a "prepper".
    If you have a fire extinguisher in your home. You are a "prepper".

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