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An Amazing, Emotional Recovery From Stroke

An Amazing, Emotional Recovery From Stroke

The first steps were unbelievable.
There was a lot of people there – because I’ve been here so long – that
we’re rooting for me and almost had to stop because I was crying so hard.
Everybody was crying. So even though there was a part of
Steven’s right brain that was damaged from the stroke, highly intensive
therapies, challenging task specific three hours a day of therapy in the
first month to three months after the stroke, has the greatest opportunity for
the brain to make new connections around the injured area of the brain. When
Steve first got here we were unable to stand, he needed two people to transfer,
we were unable to walk. I don’t think she ever gave up on me. I think I did a few times
because I didn’t think I was gonna be able to do it. He had deficits in the areas of
attention, so some of his speech was a little bit slurred. So we were able to do
strategies and he was willing to learn those strategies and implement them so
that he can talk to everyone. So some things he still has trouble with – some
movements on that left leg. The Exo forces him into the correct pattern that we’re
looking for and it gives him cues that we’re unable to do otherwise. This was a
man who was a mechanic and also worked out in the gym. He has worked incredibly
hard. He’s inspiring to watch work. He’s really motivated to make as much
progress and regain as much independence as he can so he can return to his life.
We just addressed everything across the board that we could to get him back to
his daily living skills. He’s been a pleasure to work with; I’m definitely
gonna miss him when he leaves. It’s a little bit easier every day. It’s just a
lot of repetitions and they told me that takes a thousand repetitions to get to
learn how to walk. I just can’t believe how good to staff is there. Every one of
them has the same thought and that’s to get you better or whoever they’re working with better, and get them up and running.

51 thoughts on “An Amazing, Emotional Recovery From Stroke

  • But where can i find a facility like mom had a stroke in sept..sge is just like thus men..not not anywhere near what this men can do..she still has no movement in leg…its not assy to find a place like this one..

  • I’m lying on a hospital bed as I’m watching this been here 6wks after a massive stroke my left side is damsaged I didn’t loose my speech I turned 43 yesterday

  • We have the right part of the brain that is the speaking part..the b part is the musical part get him to sing..than the b apart will take over.the a part… I would love to help people..

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  • but not that rich to get renowned rehabilitation i exercise myself somhow. but still no ant big achievement i had

  • is there any trust help to get recover coz rehabilitation like this needs lotd and lots of money and what if some one can't +918928488076

  • My mom had hemorrhage stroke 8 months before. But still there is no improvement in her body. Her right side hand and leg not working. She didn't get her full memories. Now doctor are saying that her back muscles become tighten. Is it possible for her to come back normal.

  • My mom just had a stroke this weekend. My heart is broken. This video is giving me hope..I hope she can recover as well.

  • I start physio on Monday my next stroke is gonna suffer a stroke from how strong I am god bless anyone suffered this I'm gonna fight to rebuild my life

  • A question, this gentleman was able to spend 3 months in a rehab hospital. They want to send my mom out after 2 weeks. From what I understand, Medicare pays for up to 100 days in a rehab..who should I talk to to ensure she gets the care she needs? Would that be the case manager?

  • Watching this video gives me hope that my husband will recover from a massive stroke he had 3 days ago I love my husband so much I cry all the time but I pray ? to God alot I keep my faith may God bless all of you and help you all

  • I had my stroke in March . I did to much exercise I think thats the cause.( 87 kg muscular body weight ,< 12% Fat ) Work out 6 days a week Gym swim walk &dance . I saw so many victims both young & old That made me sad. I was determined to get out asap. I told Rehab you get me up & walking & I will cure the other problems.They did, & I helped with extra Rehab I wouldn't give in.. 2 Months now & i am home walking& exercising daily .To be complete.I have to fix my speech & hand writing . I have recovered The use of my right side entirely .In your moments of despair.remember those victims still in the hospital. Your a survivor .

  • Know of any good Rehabilitation places in NYC it's Heartbreaking watching my sister go through this & the Help out there is so limited!
    Thanks for the video! ?

  • my father is a stroke he is suffering infection..we unable to provide him better treatment..please help..9101668775

  • My dad just had a stroke 3 days ago 🙁 he is up and alert but isnt able to speak and swallow food only able to eat a little applesauce or walk he is getting a feeding tube put in to help with weight gain I'm praying for my dad I love him so much

  • When you had it?I wish you are better and better. BTW I got stroke in June 2018; and it's around 1 year: here's my learn to walk again story:

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    I want people to think about the HEALING powers in nature's herbs, If you have already had a stroke then I appreciate this might be too late but carers and loved ones should think about this in case something similar happens or had happened to them!

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    Best of luck.

  • Stay strong and pray my brother had this but with all working hard he is now walking and not needing people to do things for him I pray that he recover fully !

  • Call Mrs saroj 9953710106 for Brain Stroke patient(If there is any treatment )
    Address 1202,Nirala eden parK,Near jaipuria mall,Ahinsa khand-2,Inderapuram-Delhi-Ghaziabad-India

  • you know what sucks? when your mom has a really bad stroke and she can’t get accepted into any rehabilitation facilities. why? because she is not from this country. she can’t get the help she needs because she doesn’t meet the requirements. 🙁 It’s life so i guess it goes on. /:

  • 6months back I had right side paralysis, i was not able to speak, swallowing, n unable to walk, I went to R-ON rehabilitation hospital, Vizag now 90percent I got recovered!! Am so happy with R-ON rehabilitation, any help call Dr. Aneel MPT

  • Thanks for this video. I myself had a stroke 2 days ago and undergoing rehab for right hemiparesis. Some of my eperiences are shared here.

  • I live in the Petersburg, va area, here I don't recall such advance therapy, I'm ready to recover, get on with my life, I'm tired of love like this!

  • My 5 month daughter lost her eyes in car accident. Now she is 10 month old.can you please suggest how to get her vision by stimulation ?

  • My father had a hemorrhagic stroke 3 years ago..his weakness at leftside..some therapist recommended to apply IRR Machine on affected side but some are saying no need for IRR for my father..only sports injured people can take IRR i want your advice can my father take it or not….plz…

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