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Advanced Search: eHRAF World Cultures Tutorial

Welcome to the video tutorial section for eHRAF world cultures. I’m Alissa Jordan and I’ll be your guide in this video You will learn how to conduct an advanced search in eHRAF world Cultures we will use the example of research on childhood participation in or contribution to the gathering of roots for subsistence in Societies across Africa advanced search in eHRAF Allows you to combine culture names Ocm subjects and keywords into a custom search that uses Boolean operators Go to the main page and click on Advanced search Once in advanced search you will see a three-part search form from left to right there are boxes for add cultures add subjects and add keywords along with Boolean operators for each section Let me take a moment to discuss Boolean operators the button beside operators and or and not Separate the different sections of the event search form choosing and narrows your search by requiring that all of the terms entered are present within each search result paragraph and Can limit your results for two terms and greatly limit your results for three or more terms Or will expand the results to include Matches for any of the terms entered while not restrict certain terms from your search Click on add cultures to browse for and select one or more cultures Alternatively you can click the add all button to select all cultures or if you plan on also adding subjects and keywords to your search you can leave this form blank and search all cultures by default when you click on add culture a smaller window Pops up browse the list of cultures using either the A-Z index the by region or the by country buttons in This case I will select by region to add all African societies as my research asks how children Contribute to the collection and gathering of roots for subsistence across societies in the African continent choosing a top-level category such as a country name in the by Country view or a region name in the by Region view Enables you to select all cultures within that designation at once When you are done selecting cultures click the add cultures button to close the pop-up window or if you want to erase your selections click cancel to return to the advanced search form without adding any cultures after selecting your chosen cultures the add cultures box will display the culture names and OWC identifiers as well as a count of how many cultures you’ve chosen in total it will also remember the names and show this list Anytime you return to advanced search during a single eHRAF session if you would like to adjust your selection Simply Uncheck the unwanted entries you can also clear all or select all using the links provided now You can proceed by adding subjects adding keywords adding an additional search form if necessary and executing your search in this case We’re going to specify the search a bit more by adding childhood activities click the add subjects box in Advanced search This will allow you to narrow your search by subject Before conducting an advanced search you may also want to try browsing subjects to familiarize yourself with the menu structure Like the add cultures menu this window allows a variety of ways of browsing subjects you can browse using either the A-Z index major subjects or ocm identifier buttons a few points to remember about choosing Subjects for advanced search is that if you choose a broad category the search will cover all of the narrower subjects as well And you can always click on Ocm subjects to see a pop-up window with more information to select the subjects you want check mark the box beside the subjects in My case I want to retrieve paragraphs covering childhood activities Ocm identifier 857 I will add it in A-Z index typing in childhood Now I also want to make sure that childhood activities is the right indexing code for my research question on childhood Participation in root gathering for subsistence across Africa so I can click right here on the ocm Identifier and a handy window pops up in this window I see a definition of the ocm subject the broader subject of which it’s a part Examples of several topics which have been covered by the subject and related Ocm subjects here I read that the subject childhood activities covers the following the extent to which a special culture of childhood exists children’s play imitative activities rest and sleep habits play groups cliques and gangs quarreling and fighting Children’s explorations and haunts and aha exactly what I’m looking for Tasks Performed by children an age at which each is undertaken This is the perfect subject for my research question I’m all set when done click the add subjects button to close the pop-up window Now you can see that the add subjects box contains subject names Ocm identifiers and a count of your subject terms and in my case this only contains one childhood activities If you want a fresh search you can put clear all using the links provided The final option in the advanced search form is to select keywords for your search by typing them into the add keywords box First it’s important to Remember a few do’s and Dont’s for keyword searches We’ll start with some do’s to search for an exact Phrase do put the phrase in quotation marks use the asterisk in place of a Wildcard Such as at the end of the character string if you want to search for other word forms containing those characters Reserved more complex searches for advanced search and now let’s talk about the don’ts Don’t use hyphens and don’t use wildcards with short and common text strings that are often prefixes for unrelated words For example don’t use a wildcard after words like art which return results for artifact arthritis and other diverse Keywords not related to your topic of interest Simply search the word art Or arts instead in my case I’m going to add root and put an asterisk after it to catch the plurals Now let’s check our search Syntax I’m going to make sure that eHRAF is set to retrieve only those Paragraphs with all of my chosen subjects by setting the boolean operator to the and button at this point We could also proceed by entering another sheet of search terms below the sheet learn how to create multi-layered searches with additional search forms in the video add additional search forms for eHRAF world cultures Now that everything is ready You can execute your search that’s it for the advanced search tutorial for eHRAF world cultures We hope this tutorial was helpful for you to learn more about understanding And filtering search results turn to the eHRAF world Cultures video tutorial on search results and filtering you can also learn how to navigate the full context view of search results and Print or email search results in the eHRAF world cultures video tutorial full context view of search results check out our other tutorials And stay in the loop or contact us by checking out our homepage and linking up with us on Facebook and Twitter

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