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ACL Recovery | Getting Athletes Back in the Game

Emily is a great kid. She enjoys sports.
She’s been playing sports since she was six years old. I was playing basketball and I
jumped and landed wrong and tore my ACL. It was a torn ACL. I think going in we
knew that that’s probably what the problem was but just knowing, you know,
what you hear about…that it’s a longer recovery, is she gonna be able to come
back and play sports again? The most important thing I think is
making sure they’re comfortable with what we’re doing. Every athletic trainer
is gonna feel that way. We want to make sure that they’re safe ultimately and
that’s why we’re there. They said it was gonna be six to eight months recovery and
my mindset was well I’m gonna go back in six months. Motivation I think is very
important. It’s a very tedious process as you rehab an injury because you need to
basically rebuild a foundation. There are times the training was really hard
and in the back of my head I knew what I was working for and I knew that the end
payoff would be worth it so I just pushed through it. As you get weeks
months out making sure that she can get her full range of motion back, get her
full extension back. She’s got to have that confidence or else she’s not gonna
be able to play her game. She was right around that six-month mark when they
cleared her that allowed her to come back to the playing field for soccer. I
was really nervous honestly just to make sure I wasn’t gonna do anything to get
hurt again but I knew I was strong enough physically and my doctors
wouldn’t put me back out there if they didn’t know I could fully do it. She was
able to play in the regional semifinal game and she scored three goals in that
game known as a hat-trick in soccer and that was just awesome.
This hasn’t slowed her down she’s become stronger I believe because of the injury
and come out further ahead had it not happened.

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