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Importance of Survival Skills

AAA Campaign – Phone Calls, “Winter Survival Kit”

AAA Campaign – Phone Calls, “Winter Survival Kit”

*Phone ringing* Triple-A Hoosier Motor Club. So. My Triple-A card is a Winter Survival
Kit, huh? That’s right, Whaddayou got? Dead battery. Tailgating at the football game. We’ll be there in a blitz. Over the river. Through the woods. Out of
gas. We have the way to get gas in your sleigh. Bringing home a holiday pot roast. World’s biggest pot hole. Flat tire. We have the recipe to fix that disaster. Christmas shopping. Keys locked in my car. We’re like a Christmas miracle no matter
HOW far you are from 34th street. Don’t try to get through winter without
getting Triple-A and our legendary roadside assistance. Join at a Triple-A office,, or 844-GO-TRIPLE-A-GO. That’s 844-GO-A-A-A-GO. Even ask about Triple-A discounts on hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters. Not to mention auto and home insurance. Your Triple-A card. It’s the ultimate winter survival kit. My son. Fender bender. Doing doughnuts in the school parking lot. Your son did that, too, huh? We’ll be right

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