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4 DAY SOLO WINTER CAMPING AND WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – off grid adventure behind the scenes in Norway

4 DAY SOLO WINTER CAMPING AND WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – off grid adventure behind the scenes in Norway

Oh This is… amazing. I have musk oxen in front of me and I have musk oxen in the background. It’s SO beautiful. But it wasn’t easy to get here.
I’ve spent three days hiking around this area looking for the musk oxen and now I’ve found them less than one hour… like I have been here for a few hours now and I have to leave in a few hours. So I have less than half a day with these, but yeah… It’s too long a story to talk about everything that went on before I am right here, but let’s try to rewind time a little bit. So… Finally, it’s time to get the tent up. I have half an hour before it’s getting dark. The reason why I had my tent in this long bag instead of a normal pack that you get it in when you buy it, is because it’s much faster when I’m with a pulk to get it up this way. See, these ones are gathered with gaffer tape and that means that they will not go apart, and I have sewed them to this end. That means that they don’t come out. They don’t like go out when they’re in the bag. So that means, for now, I can basically just join the poles two places each and then I can take the tent out and get it up and that means that if I’m not filming and talking to you. From when I decide to get my camp up till the tent is there, the sleeping bag is in and the mattress is up and I’m actually sheltered it’s less than 10 minutes.
So that’s quite nice. So, yeah, let’s get it up. It’s so nice to be back here in the snow-covered mountains in Norway. I love Dovrefjell.
I think I’ve come here every year the last… …probably three years. This time it’s not only to photograph the musk oxen, or whatever wildlife I might be lucky to find. But it’s also to test my equipment and all my gear for my upcoming expedition to Ellesmere Island. I’ve been hiking around quite a lot now without seeing any wildlife, but it doesn’t really matter. I just really like being here and that’s maybe also the beauty of wildlife photography, that nature is always unpredictable. Even though I might not see anything on the entire trip, I’ll never go home disappointed. Just being here in the tent, just looking forward to another beautiful day here at Dovrefjell in Norway. I’ve been skiing for about an hour now and the weather has changed totally. Look at this. And these like huge snow flakes are coming down now.
There’s almost no wind. But it also means there is no visibility. I can’t see anything. So… Argh, I really don’t know what to do now. I did see some musk oxen up on the mountain over there But I kind of wanted to get further in
towards Snøhetta,… but… Argh, I don’t know. I can’t see any musk oxen in this weather,
so I will just risk passing them. So what I’m going to do is
probably wait for a little bit without getting too cold just to see if the snow
will give me a little break and then I’ll try to see if I can find some oxen, ptarmigan,…
like whatever,… the fox… something… Or just photograph the landscapes.
But yeah, this is… Now I kind of regret that I didn’t go to the location where I used to go when I’m here in Dovrefjell,… because I know that there are
probably musk oxen down there. But… you know… If you don’t dare, you will never
get anything else. So… I dare to go further in towards Snøhetta and… I’m gambling, because I might just go a lot of kilometres without any photos, but then again… Yeah… [wind blowing] ♪♪ ♪♪
[heavy wind blowing] [Morten’s tent rattling in the wind] Yesterday was so crazy.
I… decided to spend the whole day on going from the area a little further down up to the area near the mountain called Snøhetta,… because I could see up there
the mountains were covered in snow everything was white and I thought… finding musk oxen, ptarmigans something in that area would be so beautiful. The problem was that I spent the whole day
on getting up there and when I finally got there,
there were no animals at all. Seeing the newly updated weather forecast
with up to 20 meters per second like a storm going on in the area just made me decide to actually go back again. But at that time it was so close to being dark and the storm was already picking up. It was SO windy. I almost couldn’t get the tent up, but of course I got it up. But yeah, that was crazy. Oh, yeah what a night. About three o’clock in the night it actually relaxed a little again and I got a good sleep until 7 or 8. And now I have a new challenge. I have spent three days here. This is my day number four and I haven’t seen… …Wait… No, this is my day number three and today is my last day. I just have tomorrow morning also. But I haven’t made one single photo of an animal yet, because I’ve basically been skiing with the pulk to find a good area. So yeah… The challenge is now what do I do?
Because I have my tent here I would like to keep the tent here so that I can dry
some of my clothes and stuff. But at the same time I would like to go a little further down, because I think the chances for musk oxen are better down there. So yeah, with only a day left and no pictures… I need this coffee to clear my mind. Just, I need to make a decision. But yeah. But the weather’s awesome. The sun is shining. It’s beautiful. Definitely nothing to complain about. So, yeah. This is almost too good to be true. Less than 50 meters from me there was a ptarmigan flying up, but it landed again and I was on my way up to this little mountain here, to see if I could.., I’m desperate to find some wildlife. But now I’m trying to get my 600 up and see if I can get the first photo on this trip. And it’s so warm. Because I’ve been walking and walking uphill…with a heavy pulk. Anyway, let’s see. Good, my first photo on this trip. Ptarmigan. It’s standing behind the stone.
I need to make some video. ♪♪ Holy moly ♪♪ I want to see if I can get in a little different angle. ♪♪ This is just amazing. *Sighs* About 20 meters in front of me I have the little ptarmigan sitting there. Now he was looking up because I was… because I was talking. And now you don’t have to,… now I’m using the mirrorless Nikon Z6 and with the silent shutter, so now you don’t have the clicking sound anymore, but I am making good photos now, I think. Of course the light is hard, but after three days here without anything I am not complaining. This beautiful moment. Wish I could show you maybe on the screen. Wait a second. Oh you can’t see anything. What a moment, what a moment.
And what a scenery, look at this. I’m tempted to spend the entire day right here, but I’m also curious to see if I can see the musk oxen I’m going to photograph this beautiful ptarmigan for a little while at least. No rush. ♪♪ So, just spent quite a lot of time here with the ptarmigan and as you can see it’s getting cloudy Beautiful though, but.. I need to get up there to see if I can be lucky.
Push my luck and find a muskox. But even though, now I got pictures on this one, of the… of the ptarmigan, and I’m really really happy for that. So even though I have to go home tomorrow
without any more I’m happy and the ptarmigan is still sitting over there. You can’t see it in this one, but between the rocks. So once again, I managed to get the photos without scaring that little guy away, so… Yeah, nice. I’m so happy I didn’t push him so he went flying. Ah good feeling.
Let’s go. I’m here… at the…you can see it in the background. The little mountain. This is where I photographed musk oxen before and I hope I’ll find them up there. I’m tempted just to go now and
put up the tent afterwards. But then again if I find the musk oxen, I really want to push it to the limit with the light. That means that I have to go down here
with the pulk or set up the tent around here when it’s dark and I don’t want to do that. So I’ll just,… I can set the tent up and make everything ready in less than 15 minutes. And that’s what I’m about to do. Plus I’m going to hang up my solar panel to charge some batteries just to use the last sun for that. So yeah. Let’s hope there are musk oxen up there. ♪♪ I’m now at the top of the mountain. Look at this.
Look at this! Isn’t it just extremely beautiful!? There are my skis. And I’ve actually seen the musk oxen and I’m SO happy, but the problem is I can not get down there, not now.
Because it will take me at least 20 minutes to get down there and much more to get up again, but look at this.
Look at this. I don’t know If you can see them on this little camera. But here they are. Down there. Do you see? So, yeah, I did find them. And it’s torture. It’s basically torture not to be able to get down there and photograph them now. I’ve been walking around, walking around for like…
This is my third day and I only have tomorrow and if I don’t manage to find them tomorrow again, yeah I’ll not get them. But the sun has already set and it’s too dangerous to start to walk down there. Look at this terrain. It’s not for fun. Especially not in the dark. It’s quite… but I think tomorrow I might go down the slope. I hope that will lead me all the way down to the oxen. [Ptarmigan calling in the distance] [Ptarmigan calling in the distance] [Ptarmigan calling in the distance] Oh This is awesome. Frost, snow, skis, pulk,… look at that. I mean what more could I wish for? And if I should find the musk oxen. It’s awesome. So, here we are. I’m just excited to see if I can see the musk oxen. Here they are down there. Now it’s just about to get changed and get down there. ♪♪ So yeah, yeah here I am With these beautiful musk oxen, surrounded by snow and winter. But yeah… Let me just show you some photos of them and some video and then see you out there. ♪♪

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