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263: Endurance Psychology, Iron Cowboy, Mental Fortitude, and Free Solo

all right good day good evening ladies
and gentlemen welcome back to another LIVE THE FUELShow I’m extra Sparky and
short and fun because we are really crushing out as many podcasts as I can
here at the first week of March because I leave for two weeks for our
Heli-Skiing slash Snowcat skiing slash backcountry whatever you want to
call it wedding adventures in Canada but this episode specifically is tagged back
to a prior episode that we just aired this month with none of then the Sports
Psychologist herself Dr. Megan Cannon welcome back to the show! Thank you very
much thank you for having me. Excited to dive into this episode well I’m excited because
last episode we didn’t really prepare for it but we’ve kind of had a game plan
on this whole pre-race prep stuff we were talking about like the mental state
your game planning whether it’s connecting on swimming or CrossFit or
what else do we throw those sports into that episode a little bit of cycling
hiking oh yes yes cuz I do have an upcoming mountain biking commitment now we are going to talk more about this in this episode actually so yes what coming out of that
episode and actually if I look at my tracking that episode should be episode
261 so it’s good actually yeah that because I I just aired as we and I are
recording here tonight I just aired 258 this week so you’re gonna that episodes
gonna air in the next week week and a half so this is good, so anyway just if you’re hearing this episode go listen to episode 261 because there is some good stuff there now I don’t normally tie together actual numbers because
sometimes it doesn’t work out that well hey when you’re busy you just gotta roll
with it got it dude do you that’s it now after two and a half years of podcasting
yeah I just roll with it so you and I hit on a number of things in the last
episode I just tossed in there randomly about my new commitment to do the
wilderness 101 which is a hundred one mile mountain bike race here in Central
PA coming up in july 2019 I learned about you and last episode even though
you know I’ve been talking forever it seems like but I didn’t realize you’re so hardcore integrated into the swimming
or community at the high school and the collegiate level and let’s see what else kind of popped up oh you’d start briefly towards the
episode of 261 at the end you kind of threw an Iron Man and the mental state
all that and I tossed out there a name by the name of iron cowboy aka men’s
athlete James Lawrence who competed in 50 iron man’s completed them one per day.
wait did you have that like 50 days in a row? Boom I like do not even understand how you know why I waited for this episode
to see yeah okay so this guy that like you know throughout his life has
acquired and like accrued 50 iron man’s so didn’t need to tell me that for like
a month and a half straight, Oh a month and a half almost two months straight every
single waking day this man somehow did an Ironman-length triathlon woke up and did it again like 50 times am I done yet 50 states yeah how do you
even logistically do that and how is your deal any better I just learned
about this dude today you’ll have to be going from east to west
you have to because when you go west to east you’re losing time how do you first
of all I just have so many questions for this person right screenshare right now
for the youtube feed right there iron cowboy Co I just gave you something
to study up on cuz you’re gonna love this guy he I just learned about him on
a podcast today by the way this this little animated like sunglasses bearded
face that’s his like branded logo on Instagram and stuff I think the dude
lives in like Utah um yeah he he just decided one day to commit to doing 50
iron man’s one per day back back starting in Hawaii and Alaska to
get those out of the way and then BOOM lower 48 with four kids and his wife in
a camper caravan across the lower 48 who’s your new hero like I’m like what
like what yeah okay so they drove so that 48 the lower court that answer some
of my questions like okay how are you like logistically doing the flights and
then like TSA okay so they drove but that’s a whole other different like
Ragnar Ian challenge this is beyond Ragnar because you have
done Ragnar’s oh this is you and I got nothing beyond an ultra Ragnar this is
just exactly oh my god real quick for the newer listeners a Ragnar is a 200
mile relay race where you set up a super-fun team of 12 athletes and you do
200 miles as a relay over a 24-hour period I did it back in God it’s either
2010 or 2011 I forgot what would my firefighting team and we did not do the
alter we did 12 people and then dr. Megan just did this in 2018 at Niagara
Falls and you guys also did the 12 person team right yep I did
Niagara this year I did Pennsylvania last year is it Boston to Cape Cod the
year before and then tried the trail one this year of in Ontario also there you
go that is nothing near 50 real quick what what is an Ironman do you know all
the details yeah you could go through it I don’t know the exact mileage but
that’s why I’m like just and how do you get called the 50 it’s called the 50 51
50 50 record attempt right did were these like verified races in terms of
like they’re just having irony oh he set them up in order to get his schedule
like some of these actually started like at midnight yeah okay okay these weren’t
actual like he this was all monitored and like everything but I mean yeah he
had to customize this entire commitment and by the end I think the final race he
had thirty five a hundred people running next to him like because
followers like people cuz that’s just one of the most probably never heard of
so yeah if you’re gonna go yeah go do that like you know I still I’m still
digging into this guy’s backstory because I literally just listened to the
MF CEO which you know part of the French stands for motherfucking CEO podcast and
this dude’s a very successful blue-collar entrepreneur who’s just
crushing it he’s like the top entrepreneurial podcast right now and I
never see him talking about fitness and I see that like in a keywords or
whatever and I’m like wait a minute and then I said then I and then I read some
of the fine print before I hit play on the episode I was like that are they
talking about 50 ironmans if in in 50 days like come on
so I had to listen to the show today I was traveling and yeah I’m not kidding
you the guy pulled it off Wow yeah it’s impressive so back to mental state this
dude talks about like crazy so you’re a Thomas that’s why I had to tell you
about him you’re gonna love him Oh about the mental state cuz like even the guy
the what the host he’s a sec wait a minute tell me you
didn’t have any kind of major injuries or something he said oh god yeah he’s
like by the third race he say and then I guess I guess while they were
recording he’s sitting in the guy’s studio when he and Lisa James Lawrence
the iron cowboy hands over his iPhone with a photo of his feet and he shows
him how the fear just jacked by like race three you know and he’s like oh
yeah he said you see those little red dots on my skin those are the nerve
endings so whatever he was showing him I’m just like I’m trying to like shake
this is the fun of podcasting ladies and gentle you’re hearing me saying it so
picture me listening to another podcast Meghan and I’m like picturing a dude’s
toes or something that has red dots showing through the skin I’m like what
is he what is he showing him I’m like what cuz I’ve done marathons I’ve done
half marathons and I’ve jacked my feet up but like and then he’s like wait a
minute he said all your toenails are gone he’s like oh yeah those were gone
by like race 2 to 3 they just all started falling off so if you ever lost
a toenail I’ve lost a couple from skiing never lost them from running
but I make that that’s common but he lost all his toenails feet are raw like
shit and this is that’s why I like race three not fifty yeah what do you got
Megan I am just an oh I can’t wait till he comes on this fuck has like no I
between I tweeted him today I tagged him I took his quote from that podcast
you’ll see on Instagram by one with a fuel I posted that to today if you go on
there after this podcast you’ll see his bearded thing we like with a quote in
front of it he set it on that episode which by the way what you and I are
talking I’m gonna find that because it’s super fun actually this may great
precedent for this episode so I’m gonna go back to screen sharing
anyway real quick shout to dr. Megan make sure you follow her at dr. Megan
calm but I’m gonna have to switch over to my fee because I forget the entire I
want I don’t want to butcher it because it’s a little bit long but when you say
it you’ll get it and I’m clearly not bringing up my hepa suit my fuel there
we go all right stand by looks great on
YouTube by the way so okay so I animated it so let me hit play so he or she who
has their why to live uh-huh see this is why it’s it’s so crazy let me play it
again it’s a long one so yeah he who has their why to live to live for that can
bear almost any how there we go hesitate you have to like just say all the way
through right so yeah he who has their weight has their why to live before
sorry that’s where I stop don’t stop short so he who has their why to live
for can bear almost any how and I’ve talked about and unite talked about and
past episode the power of your why right so that’s not a case in point right
there dude well part of his underlying why they he dug into and I’m still
digging this dude he’s got the Jamie Oliver food foundation USA that he runs
four so like he’s got connections with charities yeah
almost 1/4 of two to five year olds one-third of school children etc
overweight obese he said an advocate for health wellness he’s his 55th you know
all these 50 things like they’re all to create exposure for charities raise
money obviously for his family like it’s just powerful dude I gotta get this guy
on the show I’m so excited so yeah besides the fact if the student
iron man’s in 50 days like one of the iron man’s he talks about on the podcast
say he’s here X like he’s so exhausted he falls asleep while riding the bike
and crashes I mean I’m not surprised that that would I guess be where you
would fall asleep let’s pause on that right
what’s the mental game necessary to even try and fathom 50 iron man’s in 50 days
but then you have to keep in mind here that there’s no way he’s getting eight
hours of sleep a day no if the average Iron Man is let’s say 16 hours or less
right you have drive time I mean granted his
family’s there they’re shuttling him blah blah blah but come on and you drive
in a van with three other people and see how much sleep you get you know what I
mean like something with that time off course that is just wild that reminding
about the same I feel like this is equal to the same level of like mental
fortitude yes so low yet love mental fortitude by
the way and I’m not ready yet so one I have I am NOT an Oscar person
at all I am a big documentary rock climbing leg person evidently it did
wind up winning the Oscar for documentary which like my free solo
where the guy just climbed up El Cap the largest like granite wall nothing it’s
literally in my queue on I don’t know if it’s Hulu or Netflix whatever is no
Scott is phenomenal you will be sitting there and your heart will rock climber
yeah it’s it’s still never free climbs hardware in the garage like I have a
harness and everything else I’m not a free climber it is so just impressive
and when you’re taught and then so they they actually did brain studies on him
to see like if his brain is any different than typical like URI and his
fear Center his amygdala actually like in the studies they did it took a lot
more to make it fire and it wouldn’t fire to typical stimuli that you know
maybe you or I it would I think that’s that’s developed that way though like my
time they did that testing he had already built that he’s already exactly
and you know they talk just about you know his perspectives it was very
interesting hearing just his perspective on like that mental side but also his
perspective on risk and that’s a freakin risk talk about it right and so it’s it
for anybody listening it is absolutely absolutely incredible it is so
fascinating your heart will race watching it just even though you know he
made it because he’s alive to talk about it but oh my goodness it is just it was
incredible and it was just so neat listening to him talk but you know and
talking about like the mental side of it he in an interview this they didn’t talk
about this in the documentary which I thought was kind of interesting but for
the entire week before I saw an interview with him on
Jimmy Kimmel this is Alex Honnold the gentleman that that climbed he for the
week beforehand was basically in solitude he you know he asked his
girlfriend to leave like the film crews like running around but he just it was
just him to get his head straight oh you’re about to do one of the I mean one
of many most dangerous things ever considered I mean there’s people who
have died on that wall with anchors and with climbing equipment let alone free
climbing it’s crazy it’s so nuts baby you know it like in
when you’re talking about this gentleman the iron cowboy that’s the only
comparable thing in terms of like the mental strength of that that to me
is a that’s like that type of a level oh you know what I’m saying
I mean that’s just an absolutely incredible actually a great heartfelt
thing that ties to this you said he talked about the signalling himself out
like getting himself and it was in and whorin let me take a quick note here cuz
I was named a documentary again free solo okay so just want to tag back so
probably in the putting that into like the show title or something cuz we’re
talking about I’m throwing in mental fortitude iron cowboy all that stuff
anyway the during that podcast he I listened to
today I know I’m gonna tag that in the episode too by the way because that
would people know what the heck I’m talking about his people collide like I
don’t want to heck the IMF CEO it was episode 290 by the way if you want to
find that Megan because you’ll I have a feeling that I just gave you something I
might head is just really still trying to wrap around and I was told I would
start there because that’s how I got hooked I’m like I’m sorry what yeah I
was like what and then and then little little snippets of the episode like
where he talks about how his his youngest child she cuz he’s still human
and he misses you say she’s like you know daddy I don’t think you believe in
yourself enough you know cuz this is like two or three races in or whatever
and puts just like I mean come on like he’s already beat to crap I mean you
just did three Iron Man’s in three days and he this is a path that mental
fortitude and building it up and she’s like you know dad she’s like you know I
I will I’m gonna be here with you and as a young child it’s like he talks about
this in that episode he’s a psych he’s like nowadays
no offense because I do try and you and I to try and influence the next
generation on this show right the Millennials or the Z Gen or whatever’s
happening now a guy’s life takes hard work all right life takes hard work and
this is another great episode like not my show go listen to MF CEO go listen to
episode 290 that I found listen to what he talks about he’s like his own small
child said dad I’m gonna be here every step of the way meaning
meaning I forget exactly how he’s set up he said listen she’s like I’m gonna be
here at the starting line at 7:00 a.m. when you start and I will be here
waiting for you when you finish so when he crashed his bike and his body was
broken and he’s laying on the side of the road and he doesn’t want to get up
he’s like my daughter’s waiting for me at the finish line so he gets up and
gets on his bike and he finishes right so it’s like that’s the crap right
that’s the that’s the shit that hits the fan and it’s like dude for him that was
him that’s what he needed he’s just like if she had to put him on point in that
way and that carried through every single event so great I’m not a dad but
for that dude that clearly was a powerful stimuli to anchor him and
solidify his fortitude to push through this because again on that episode he’s
like dude physical is BS he’s like your body he’s like trust me he’s like I
could talk to this he’s like your body continuously reprograms himself and gets
stronger and stronger and stronger every single race because you’re you’re
pushing yourself every new race he’s like you’re pushing he pushed himself
but you’re pushing yourself past any prior limits you already had over and
over and over again and he’s like the one thing that I realized is by race 50
he’s like that was the first that was the first race that he’s a here’s the
best part by the way he actually said the last 20 where as fastest times think
about that you reverse split come on doc why why gosh well now you’re over that
threshold oh you’re on the downhill slide at that point man like you you
don’t some tires patoot 30 back-to-back iron mans and he’s like at this point
like it’s like but he actually talks about how his body has actually ascended
or evolved yes I think he actually used the word evolved or evolution
or something at night he’s like dude he’s like I don’t get it I can’t explain
it he’s like I’m not a scientist he’s like he said my body started healing
faster think about that he’s like those those pictures of his his jacked-up feet
he’s like my body eventually realized oh he’s gonna do this again
tomorrow I might want to heal this so yeah the first few races he’s
traumatized he’s injured he’s battered he’s all wrapped up bandaged anything
else piece like he’s like no joke dude he’s like as we progressed he’s like
things that used to hurt didn’t hurt anymore things that were not healing
we’re healing crazy that’s crazy this just that is beyond impressive I’m
really looking forward to listening to this podcast all day today sorry
basically says you get you got to hang with us like all day today I’m like
Megan are catching up tonight and I got something new and exciting insane let’s
talk about the mental game on that I mean I can’t I’ve been a hotshot I’ve
run a marathon I’ve done hundred miles of cycling events I’ve done 65 mile and
marathon distance uh you know mountain bike racing events in Colorado and now I
just signed up for my first 101 mile one coming up in July but like I just
collapsed a long like there’s I I myself feel pretty good about putting myself
through some really good screwed up things fYI I did not plan to collapse
lung thing but you know those the sighs like I got nothing on this dude nothing
I got what sports psychologist where do you go with this that is I mean that is
just so impressive but I mean I think that just really speaks to you and they
talk about the power of the mind and the power to push through pain thresholds
and the power of refocusing the power of your Y I mean I like that his story just
in and of itself and the brief pieces of the pie guys that you’ve shared here I
mean already it’s just like well there’s the Y there’s the pushing through pay
and there’s the that that okay I’ve already done this many if I’ve already
done 30 20 big deal I mean that’s just there’s so many things
there which and also de magining as he’s gaining a following – and people are
joining him for these races that’s just talk about some positive momentum and
just energy that you’re going to get also through seeing other people’s
excitements you know whenever we see other people emote our brain tries to
replicate that so we get it you know this that’s empathy and so and that’s
where you know the positive energy is gonna spread the negative energy is
gonna spread and so I can only imagine then you know coming around race number
40 you know and you have this following and maybe you’re beat up and tired but
it’s like okay my daughter and then oh my gosh look at these people that are
just here to run the race with me cool you know all of those things that’s just
so powerful and so impressive I mean it’s kind of hard not to like made this
dude your hero and real quick for you to be so this was the podcast that I found
him on this is the AMF CEO project they titled this episode redefine impossible
because that’s the name of his book so and here we go
I just brought it up on Amazon while we were you were chatting here there we go
iron cowboy James Lawrence redefined impossible actually this book was
released back in 2017 so apparently for the past year and a half two years he’s
really gained a huge speaking circuit as well right because he’s clearly I mean
he broke all records yeah I might want to apply timeout to speak at an event
just throwing it out there and this is him access to Jamie Oliver the food
foundation so back on his website iron cowboy so anyway guys like just one make
sure screen sharing got out there make sure you guys can find him and I’m gonna
make sure I add this book into my influencer page on Amazon because I can
add books in there and I’m actually gonna make sure is a kindle hardcover
okay I gotta see this on audible cuz it’s not I’ve it’s on audible this is
gonna get listened to on my flight out for my wedding I think come on so if not
I’m gonna order it so it comes in time and I’ll physically read it but I prefer
audible but I mean it’s I don’t wanna make the whole episode
about this dude I’m like what like come on like Megan’s gonna love this that is
that’s beyond impressive it’s really like this is this is groundbreaking
stuff for you like just yeah I could see you unlocking all other discussion
points now just based on this crazy threshold this dude broke through oh
yeah in my mind I’m thinking oh my gosh these are really great stories to share
exactly it’s like this is just so inspiring you know because you have
you’re thinking of some of those endurance athletes whether it’s a
running swimming you know situation cycling I mean there’s there are there
is there is pain that is going to happen as you are competing practicing and
obviously there’s a difference of knowing when your body is hurt versus
you know the pain of doing that and so I’m like I’m not saying push through the
hurt stuff but you know there’s yeah he basically did impressive you know of
just how your mind I really can your mind makes it yeah it’s interesting cuz
that’s why I have to go listen to the book or read the book because I’m with
you I don’t I have not always agreed with pushing through the pain right
because it could trigger some other problems if you’re not listening to your
body but to his point without digging into his book he talks about how that
pain is just an initial protective mechanism he said the body is he himself
can back this up he’s like the body is more capable of the healing potential
than you realize and he himself tested that right I mean if you’ve got nerve
endings exposed lost toenails that bit about your wrecking your bike your your
crash your broke on the side of the road like dude these are all components of
okay maybe you want to stop and go heal up whereas his point was I made a
commitment I’m not gonna give up I’m not gonna stop and I’m gonna make my body
heal and I’m gonna make myself bounce back it’s pretty crazy
yeah that is that is so cool what a great story like what
that’s just impressive iron cowboy ladies and gentleman iron cowboy but I
mean it’s this grin I’m not gonna do any with this guy’s doing but that’s like
what you and I kind of a little segue here again full rewind back to when you
and I first met at a Starbucks while Brian Strauss her of the Strauss her
project now we’re hanging out doing our very first podcast learning about the
depression he had gone through and his overcoming you know going through weight
loss and fitness and everything else and and then on recent episodes I had him
back on and and you know he and I had some adventures over Thanksgiving for
charity and in 2018 and he and I just aired a live episode from his garage his
garage so we did like whole exchanging man garages like he came over my garage
and with his garage is just you know kayaks and bikes everywhere but the
point was was he has committed to return to do the wilderness 101 and that’s 101
mile mountain bike race out by out by Penn State main campus and it’s a night
this year be the 19th year so it’s 2019 will be the 19th annual event and I had
never agreed to even think about doing it I was actually sharing him and
promoting him and then with my stupid little collapsed lung thing I was like
oh I need a new goal this year and since we already took third with a collapsed
lung in that frost accomplished I needed a new challenge situation I mean to be
fair we weren’t the RX team we were scaled you know you’re ridiculous you
lived for three weeks with a collapsed lung had a last minute pulled together
across the team you know you with half alone to be fair it was only 35%
collapsed so I had one whole lung and a 65% good other long well that I expect
more of you Scott a few at 165 percent lungs okay I just know that when you go to the
doctor finally and they give you the x-ray and I don’t know if you know the
girls you know do you know Rochelle at that that’s where you know all people
anyway so much better with faces than I
imagined well she she’s pretty strong and she’s used to the girl there there’s
a couple of girls who roll in with the baby strollers and the babies Saturdays
okay so she’s the taller one cuz you know Tara
Tara’s want yeah she runs like the kids program now and everything okay the
taller one boyfriend her husband has a beard yes and he usually screams and he
works out okay so that dude was there when I got my x-ray like I got my x-ray
and they cut a girl comes out and she’s like why you are you any pain I’m like
no I’m good so she’s like okay I need you to wait
here I was like it’s usually not good I was gonna swing by get an x-ray they’re
gonna prove out a chest cold and I had plans to go meet you we’re gonna do okay
that night yeah and then I was gonna go meet my friends for dinner clearly that
didn’t happen so this that dude walks out like walks out the back room like I
don’t know what he did for a profession I guess he’s a PA a physician assistant
so so he walks out thank you my pound he’s got this like straight seriously
faced like all right what’s going on he’s like like I don’t know like three
weeks you say didn’t you just do our competition like the grant games thing
like a you say with this I’m like with what you say okay I need you to take
this seriously like I am like what he’s like that’s a spontaneous pneumothorax
Mike and what does that mean profession yeah I know what a thorax is like you
know a thoracic region and he’s like you have a collapse you know partially I’m
sorry his exact terms were you have a significantly cold significant sorry
Parsley’s significantly partially collapsed lung and it’s like oh okay so clearly
so clearly I do not have a chunk of mucus jumping out of my chest
and he was like yeah you say I need to call an ambulance
Mike okay slow your roll guys come on really we’re not gonna get all dramatic
now okay you don’t need to be calling an ambulance
let me get Kristin on the phone put her on speaker we’ll figure this out I could
take myself to the ER clearly I’m fine he’s like again serious face he’s a no
no I don’t think you understand come with me
so he takes me back into the x-ray room and they have like my images up on the
screens you said okay here’s here’s your right lung Mike yep and he’s like okay
here’s your left lung like it is like you see this is I’m like yeah see now
here’s your bat here’s your’s you’re partially collapsed lung you see all
this gray area I’m like yeah and you see the gray area below your lung like yeah
you think that’s air he’s like you have air above and below your lung that is
not allowing your lung to fully inflate I’m like well that would explain why I
can’t catch my breath sometimes he’s like yes and he said now I was like so
again why we have to call an ambulance he’s like I was like I have Chris on the
phone now and I was like yeah yeah she’s like this ridiculous is like I could
drive myself sick no no or either you trained trained in you know first
response care I’m like yeah you think I don’t know I mean in a traumatic way
parents say you can’t save your own life I’m like probably not um but why would I
be risking my life he’s like well because your lung could fully collapse
I’m like well it hasn’t yet in three weeks I just did a freaking CrossFit
come on come on and he’s like no he said you don’t understand if your lung fully
collapses all that space is now void he’s a so everything over here could
shift and I was like like like the heart and the other long and other organs and
he’s like yeah I was like that’s why I want to call you an ambulance and I’m
like oh okay okay and that makes sense a life-threatening hearing what you need
to say now oh my gosh fYI that led any passing them
the hell out that night too so apparently like I don’t know I mean I’ve
been through a lot of shit in firefighting anything else I thought I
was good and so he tells me all this and so we proceeded away from the x-ray area
I tell Kristen to go have fun and go have dinner with her girlfriends I’ll
just catch up with the ER later cuz that’s I don’t like I listen York on the
way to dinner just guess like I’m gonna be here for a few minutes we’re waiting
for the ambulance about time they check me in and give me my little wrist badgy
thingy and like you’ll be there by that so just go have some dinner so again I’m
just playing it up what I’m sitting there and you’ll appreciate the mindset
thing people is – I’m getting – so Meg I’m standing there oh my god I’m bored
so I walk out a little side room a little treatment room they got me in and
I walk out to like the main counter where he’s sitting with the other people
like why just tell me more about all this like what’s the worst-case
best-case blah blah blah and they’re catching me up he said okay and as we’re
waiting for the ambulance arrived he starts giving me all the extra details
and I’m like huh okay yeah sounds pretty serious okay
and mind you I forgot that I had fasted all day so I hadn’t eaten anything and I
was fasting and just hydrating I was doing one of my detox days actually what
I did all day today so all of a sudden I start feeling like weird in the head and
I was like alright thanks for that update
I’m gonna go sit down now so I go back into the side room and sit down
obviously I start feel like hot flashes and shit I’m like alright so where’s
going on this can’t be right so I like a shake I’m shaking my head and shaking it
off I’m like I’m good so I guess so you know what I’m probably getting a little
excited you know he just gave me some things told me some things or
life-risking let me let me let me just take some deep
breaths I started I actually start putting myself through my own breathing
exercises I do yoga and everything else I figure I got this shit like okay I
feel my heart rate increasing I’m like okay let me just close my eyes for a
second boom down all this next thing you know I my head hurts and like this for
people’s face my face I was like apparently I was
sitting on a chair just sitting there like they had like the bed thing that
they do you exams on like next to me I’m just sitting in like be the shitter
we’re like your significant other sits yeah I just I just killed right the fuck
over close my eyes boom down I I thought I was actually just trying to calm
myself down as it so Wow what’s that all about
oh my gosh you wanted to catch up so there you go that’s it it’s just it’s
fascinating and coming from my it I’m just like wow this is scottson okay he’s
about to get done I’m just like waiting like this is really weird I just asked
him see he’s okay crickets this is really bizarre like
he’s yeah on air I apologize for not I did tell myself to and then I think the
passing out thing probably threw me off for a second cuz they when they brought
me to which was like a split second the paramedics dudes were just rolling up
their gurney thingy so like I’m like I had my phone and my phone was still my
hand I think I was about text you that I fell and you know just in terms of that
mental sites almost like you’re but your brain was just like oh there’s something
wrong yeah we’re gonna probably now start to feel what do you probably
should have been feeling for weeks yeah buddy mine told me I was like that
could’ve been just like sensory overload and and actually my friend said it was
probably a little bit of anxiety like I don’t really get like hardcore anxiety
but that clearly was probably some hardcore I don’t know yeah that’s you
know have you seen that in your profession when it comes to athletes and
stuff to like pre pre event like again prior episode we’re about pre event prep
like people can get themselves amped up so bad that you could you could pass out
right oh my gosh yeah people go out they throw up they have panic attacks Brandon
Brooks this is a Eagles territory man like he vomits before every game and
when he initially that’s right so like he they had no idea what’s wrong with
him he was out for a few games all medical test team chaplain in you know
blessing all of the things and here nothing wrong with them he was just so
stressed out because it was now his job don’t let Philadelphia down he’s getting
paid for this so we like cannot make mistakes all these things and so to this
day the guy still throws up before every game but his mental interpretation of
that is not like oh my god that’s become his thing it’s routine yeah and a
quarterback so not good for your throat by the way totally not good and you know
what the University of Miami football coach or former football coach told me
that when he played with Jim Kelly very famous quarterback that he used to throw
it before games too and it got to the point that when Jim Kelly wouldn’t throw
up the team started to get nervous because they were worried that he wasn’t
ready enough you can’t make this stuff up well yeah mindset well so so now like
obviously you saw everything after that that’s why I’m not gonna go into the
rest of the story ladies and gentleman I actually aired it on episode 250 anyway
but Megan needed to hear what happened why I didn’t show up for the podcast
that night because I was gonna go meet you at your office
and we were just gonna I think was like a 6 o’clock I think we had a system
appointment I stopped doing like 4:30 4:45 figured I was gonna be in and out
because they they have a they have walk-in services right there I think I
texted like hey you know if they hadn’t have found all that black airspace you
know I I would have been a noun like you know another 5-10 minutes of a good
black well I’m glad that they found the black airspace and so your lung is all
fixed now and yeah I got I got four new scars down my legs I will be at our wedding next week
because we have hot tubs at the hotel so I know I might have put that on
Instagram I don’t hope so maybe you could trace and make constellations and
whoever makes the prettiest pattern of your scar they win I mean Scott there’s
that there’s really a lot of possibilities yes you just unlock to
hold their things I don’t even think because I there’s the first chest tube
hold scar from the ER that one was up high and then they can tree you here’s a
fun little trivia they don’t recommend reusing chest tube
holes so they always cut a new one yeah sure just add a new one in well you know
what while we’re at it let’s make a cute pattern maybe if you if you reuse a
chest tube hole that really cuts down on the constellation pattern people hello I
know that is clearly that must be why well you and your mirror later being
like what might this be and pulling up star patterns like here we go this is
actually on my personal feed on Instagram yeah so here I’m screen
sharing for the easy Watchers so here I put a little a little color things
around it so here is the first chest tube hole from the ER this is where they
jammed in their video camera and they’re scraping tool that’s the big one
this is the second chest tube from the surgery and then I don’t know what this
one was so I mean I don’t know maybe maybe next you turn on one of your
organs on the black market we could have the kidneys are down lower I feel like
you would need a bigger hole than that this is a little high
I forgot to ask what this woman was that was number four so you know maybe it’s
through an extra one in there again for constellation goals I know you could
like make a dipper situation here just think about it if they just had the
camera slice and the second chest to go and that was it they you’re missing
these other two options and you noticed they were kind enough I didn’t mention
them that I had tattoos as I could you guys like please work around my artwork
you know and she really did you know a shout out to dr. Meredith Harrison a
very intelligent woman and I mean my whole staff was awesome so the nutrition
was crap but I mean other than that that’s that’s the broken medical gear
system yeah you see I told you we’re gonna have some
fun we caught up tonight so I know I know it’s a good story from both ends
and what a dating story with this iron cowboy gentleman and yeah hello and let
me know after you watch it your thoughts on it because it’s absolutely incredible
I dropped a hint that we were gonna talk a little bit wilderness um one-on-one
but I had I really didn’t want to I really wanted to drop the iron cowboy
component because yeah I knew that would blow your mind because it blew my mind
so I’m literally as soon as we get off the phone here I was off the zoom collar
and I’m actually ordering his book because I don’t see it on audible so I’m
gonna order the hardback and make sure that gets here in time so I could take
it because I don’t even gone for two weeks for the wedding so they’re just
reading in my free time cuz I’m trying to unplug as much as possible while
we’re up there so back to mental game right so listen this is art this was
your second episode 261 was your predecessor to this one obviously again
rewind back to begin this episode 261 we talked about mental prep event prep
competition prep while setting the setting the stage is important and then
we let into obviously how to execute on that people like crazy old you know
James Lawrence the iron cowboy and obviously I you know come July all the
wilderness one on one by the way next time you and I record if we do it like
this you’re gonna see my my first road bike set up in here because I have
training equipment on the way I’m gonna set up a trainer in my office for the
rest of the winter because I got some miles to put on my legs and it’s cold
out I want to get some indoor training and when I can so my buddy mine Colorado
shipped me a whole bunch of gear from his shop so yeah so as we always do how
would you like to sum up and close out today’s show since I got to blow your
mind for once yeah you know what I mean I just um I don’t think we can beat
anything outside of the iron cowboys quote of he who has their wide to live
for can bear almost anyhow you know that I think encompasses not only the pushing
through the the power of the mind the mental
preparation and just the power that you know giving that attention to mindset
and that preparation and that component of things whether it’s pushing through a
big business project or making a big decision or pushing through pain at a
race or in a practice if you have identified that why and what am I doing
this for you’re you really can withstand so much more and it’s just the power of
that mind and motivation yeah I mean he definitely clearly did that I’m actually
sharing once again the post that I put on the actual Instagram feed because I
mean she just said it powerful quote and I love it because that’s why Megan and I
geeked out so much about the power of mindset and obviously not just the
impact on health and fitness and exercise and competition but this is
life in general it’s your mindset is so key for a
healthy lifestyle even if you’re not a crazy athletic nutball. yeah it’s so
true! yeah so all right well hang tight I want to give you a proper goodbye off the air. ladies and gentlemen, I gotta give Megan her night back because we just recorded
two back-to-back episodes and it is now 9:40 p.m. here on East Coast that’s how
committed she is and that’s how committed I am to bring you guys amazing
content here to the online space at the podcasting space and yes the YouTube
space so again another healthy clearly Fitness themed and obviously mindset
balanced lifestyle themed podcast episode a reminder that you too can
LIVETHEFUEL! Get us some updated reviews and we’ll talk to you guys again

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