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Importance of Survival Skills

24 Hours Outside Survival Challenge / JustJordan33

24 Hours Outside Survival Challenge / JustJordan33

– You guys can have these back I don’t want them. I guess this is how it’s gonna
be for the rest of the night. Guys somebody is over there. I keep hearing like, dog
tags I think, Logan’s. Logan? This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. This is real deal snow you guys! Hi guys, it’s Jordan and
today I’m gonna be spending 24 hours in the wilderness. So I’m kinda nervous for this challenge, because the only thing I get to take into the wilderness with me is
my phone, and this backpack. Okay so I have the one
person backpack here, and it’s from Emergency
Zone as you could see here. So I want to thank Emergency
Zone for sending me this survival wilderness backpack. So I’m gonna take it on the road with me, and we’re gonna head
out to the wilderness, and we’re gonna see if we
could survive for 24 hours. I’ve never, like literally
we’re not bringing a tent, we’re not bringing anything. Just whatever’s in this backpack, I have not checked to
see what’s in here so… Little nervous. What if it doesn’t have
like water or something, aww I’m scared. Okay, well time to go outside. Let’s go. Okay so we just barely drove
down to this hiking place, so you could see the car in the back. And the entire family is coming along because they’re also going
to be spending 24 hours in the wilderness with me, but on their channel
at that YouTube family if you want to go check out. So, promo. Except for not for myself, for that YouTube family, they’re walking off in the distance. – [Boy] Bye. (laughter) – So we’re gonna head up this trail and we’re gonna begin the 24 hours. Wow! I found a park bench, or I mean a picnic table. What? (laughter) – So I found this picnic table, thought it’d be a perfect spot to open up my bag and see what we’ve got, because it’s dinner time, and I’m quite hungry. So, I want to see what type of food we have in this backpack. And also, it’s gonna- it’s a
little bit chilly outside still because we’re kind of up in the mountains. So I want to see if like,
there’s a blanket maybe. I don’t know, let’s start opening it. Here’s the very front pouch. What’s inside this front pouch? Oh nothing! I guess that’s extra
storage if you have any like garbage or something. Aw, I bit my cheek.
Okay. Alright, lets open the main pouch. Oh! Okay, okay. An empty water bottle. So we’ve got, we’ve got a water bottle, but it’s completely empty so, that doesn’t help me right
now because I’m thirsty. Luckily there’s a stream off to the side. I hope there’s like a
water filter or something because we’re gonna have to
filter the water somehow. But I’m a little bit thirsty so, at least we can store our water. What else do we got here? What’s this? Reflective blanket
with heat store technology. Yes! Oh my goodness, I
was looking for this. Good, I’m excited. Okay, we have a blanket, that’s good. So we won’t be freezing tonight, I’m very happy about that because I did not bring a jacket so. Alright what’s next? This right here, it’s a nice little pack. Okay so there’s multiple things in here, lets open it up and see what we’ve got. We have another blanket,
another reflective blanket. Sweet! Okay, cool. What’s this? Emergency poncho. If it starts to rain, I’m solid. Good. That’s so good, I
didn’t even think about rain, but like it honestly
could rain any minute. Children’s band aids, so its
like happy little band aids, to keep you happy in the wilderness. Okay we also have a rubber flashlight. Okay, that will be good
when it gets to nighttime. Because my phone’s probably
gonna run out of battery. Green glow stick! We can have a party! (laughter) – That’s not what it’s meant for, but I mean it’ll be fun! We could just have a glow dance party. That’ll be fun. We have a lot of things
in here, what is this? Blueberry natural flavored energy bar. Okay, we’ve got some food. This actually looks kinda good, it’s a little hard but
like blueberry flavored, that could be my breakfast. Oh my goodness, we also have
an orange flavored one too. And a little mask, I guess.
If it gets, oh what is this? This is like a mask, I think, that goes over in case
there’s like dust I guess. I don’t really know. A whistle, that’s smart. Hand warmers, that’ll
be good for nighttime. Hallelujah! Oh my goodness, yes! There’s so much purified drinking water. You guys, we’ve got like a
lot of packets here of water. Good, I’m so happy! And they have my water bottle,
so that’s perfect actually. Lets see what’s next. This is like so much fun, it’s like opening up a present, there’s so many things. Okay, children’s survival kit, like a guide on how, like
what you’re supposed to do. Oh no, this is all the
contents and everything. Ooh, nice, okay. Oh my goodness! We got… (laughter) – We’ve got a toothbrush, and
a comb, and a little towel. So you know, you’ve gotta
take care of your hygiene. You gotta still brush your teeth, even if when your out in the wilderness so there we go. (laughter) Oh my goodness, I’m
not gonna be bored yay! We have an activity pad, so we’ve got like our markers
and our crayons and stuff. Yay, and I have little stuffed bear, this is gonna be a great time
in the wilderness actually. I’m so excited now. Oh my goodness, yay! Okay what’s this? This is like food, what
type of food is this? I’m confused.
Wait, oh wait. Maybe it’s not food. It’s food, okay. So there’s like different food bars, oh man, so it looks
like for just food bars, I’m just gonna be eating
like these bars of food. Oh no, I’m nervous. We’ve got some more water, that’s always good to have. Yay! Okay I think honestly, I think I’m gonna be just
fine for this 24 hours. Really we’re just like chilling out here. Basically camping with no tent. I think I’ll be just fine. Let’s go. Okay, so I met up with my family now they’re also spending
24 hours outside. They have a little bit
more supplies though, but I think it’s time to try the rations. The dinner, this is,
I hope it tastes good. ‘Cause this is all we
get for dinner for today. – It’s like a big cracker. – It gives us enough protein for the day, so we should be fine. And like gives us enough nutrients. – Smells like cheese.
– Does it? – Smells like cheese? – It’s like a four course meal. So just think of it as
like mashed potatoes, and gravy, maybe some pot roast. – [Jordan] It’s just in a granola bar. – [Dad] In granola bar format. – Alrighty we’re gonna
do a little taste test. I’m nervous because
this is our only dinner. – [Mom] This is dinner
guys, you have to eat it. Or else, that’s all we get for 24 hours. You don’t have to eat it all right now, ’cause you can ration it but. (laughter) – He’s spitting it out. – [Mom] Jake that’s
breakfast, lunch, and dinner. – Yeah, you know what actually? – It tastes like flour, that’s all. – No, I got blueberry
and orange flavored ones. So I could have my own
separate ones you guys. – [Mom] Wait! Hold up,
what flavor is ours? – [Dad] I don’t think ours has a flavor. – [Mom] Wait look at hers. Her’s is all… Wait, what? – I don’t know ma’am, but
you guys can have these back, I don’t want them. I got a packet of that too, for like my dinner and stuff. But like, this is the real good ones. It’s odd tasting. It’s like you expect to be like cracker-y, but then it’s kinda sweet. – It’s just flour. – It’s flour. (laughter) – I mean, it would obviously, like it would help you like
if you need to survive. But, not my typical dinner that I enjoy. Okay so I pulled out my heat blanket thing ’cause it was getting kinda cold and mom literally crouched
down right next to me, sat on a stick and ripped
a hole in her pants! This 24 hours is not going so well for us. – Its good thing I have a jacket because there’s a hole in my pants
now because of this stick. – [Jordan] Yeah, there’s
an actual hole, like… – And I’m hoping I just
didn’t scrape my bum. – [Jordan] Yeah, good
thing you have a jacket. – Ow, that could have hurt a little bit. – Yeah, literally it was so funny. She was just like, “Oh my goodness, I ripped
a hole in my pants.” So, there we go. That’s how
the 24 hours is going so far. So I’ve got my blanket. I think, I think I’m gonna
try and stay with my family for most of the 24 hours. ‘Cause they have like a
tent and stuff, and I don’t. And I’d prefer to stay in a tent. So I think they’re setting
up camp way over there. We’re gonna let them do
all of the hard work, and then I’ll just join
them in at the end. Just kidding, I’ll go help them. So we’re gonna set up the tent, that’s all that’s going on so far. I kinda want water after
that yummy dinner, yum. So I may have to bust open one of my little water
packets, but we’ll see. We’re gonna lay this down on the floor so that way I don’t have to get
dirty and lay on the ground. And then, this will be my pillow. I’m so smart you guys, and
this will be my blanket. And then I should be good for the night. I just gotta, I don’t know. I don’t know what I gotta do. I’ve never opened one of these up, so I don’t know what to expect. Logan’s here, oh okay, nevermind. Alright, here we go. It’s like tin foil. This is crazy. Whoa. What? (foil crinkling) What in the world? Oh my goodness! (foil crinkling) – Well, now that I’ve got my cozy blanket, I think I’m ready to
hit the hay, goodnight. Ow, that’s not as soft as I expected. The ground is really hard. I guess this is how its gonna
be for the rest of the night. Now we just have to wait
for the sun to go down. This is gonna take forever. That’s it, I’m playing on my phone. I’m playing games. I brought my phone, so I can play games. (laughter) – Alright, so it’s like kinda towards the middle of the night. I have my flashlight here, I
don’t know if you could see it. But um, I swear I’m
hearing stuff, I swear. Wait is that Logan? Logan? (foil crinkles) Wait there’s a flashlight
over there, wait. Come here. Look at this. You guys look, there’s a flashlight. What even is that? Who is that? That’s somebody. Guys somebody is over there. I keep hearing like, dogtags,
I think Logan’s. Logan? Why is Logan over here? Logan, there you are. Hi Logan, what are you doing? What are you doing? Logan. That was so weird, why is Logan out? I thought he was like, with Mom and Dad. I don’t know why he- Oh my goodness! – [Dad] Jordan what are you doing? – Wait, Dad? – [Dad] Yeah. – You scared me. – I’m out collecting pine cones. Look at these things, they’re huge. – Why are you up? It’s like the middle of the
night, what are you doing? – I had to take Logan out to go potty ’cause he was whimpering. – Okay, you need to go
to bed, you scared me. – Okay I’m gonna put these
pine cones, right here by ya. They’re awesome. Alright, we’ll see ya in little bit. – Okay, go to bed. – Goodnight. – Oh my goodness, you scared me. Goodnight. (rooster crows) (happy music) (birds chirp) (foil crinkles) – Oh my goodness. I forgot I was in the wilderness. Okay, so I just woke up. I wrapped myself up in the orange blanket throughout the night because
it started to get really cold. It’s still really cold. And its super early in the morning, so I think we need to
like, maybe clean up camp. I don’t know, it’s still really cold. Maybe we should eat breakfast. Probably refresh the water bottle. Like put new water in my water bottle. Eat another one of the little granola protein bar things. That actually worked really well, it kept me full the entire night. Which I was surprised,
’cause it was so little. But it worked really well. So I think we’re gonna clean up camp and get moving with our day. Okay, I’m getting a little hungry. So I think before we go hiking, and like exploring the area, I think we should eat breakfast. Because you gotta get in your nutrients, and good stuff for the day. Okay so I have a choice, I’ve got a really good, I’ve got a really good pack
because I got like the kids pack so I got like entertainment
and everything. And I got flavored energy bars. So I’ve got the blueberry
and the orange flavor, now I just have to
choose which one I want. I kinda. I don’t know, they’re both good. Kinda want to go with the blueberry. I want to see what it’s like. I’m excited because I
think it’ll be very good that it’s a different
taste than the dinner that I had last night, so I’m excited. Okay lets try it. This is interesting ’cause
it’s the exact same color, as the other one. So I don’t know, I feel like
its gonna taste the same, but we’ll see. Oh it does smell like blueberry
though, it really does. Okay lets try it. (bouncy music) I like this one better. (laughter) – Its sweeter, and it definitely like has a hint of blueberry. I like the breakfast one. This one’s actually like pretty good. Yeah actually tastes like
blueberry, that’s crazy. Okay well, I’m gonna eat the rest of this protein energy bar. And then I think we should go on a hike. ‘Cause the sun is still coming up. We need to start moving
because its still cold. Oh my goodness, is that snow? Let me show you. There’s no way. Oh my goodness. Okay, we gotta go investigate
if that’s snow up there. – Uh-huh. – [Jordan] Ah, oh no. This is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill. This is real deal snow, you guys. Are you kidding me? Look. This is like real deal snow. Are you kidding? Literally this is like
the sunniest day ever and it’s so hot, Ty even says he’s sweaty, and there’s snow on the ground. Utah has really weird weather. So while we were walking, I found this weird thing to my right. Hello, what is this? This looks very unnatural. Maybe its what I was hearing last night. ‘Cause like after I turned off the camera I still heard a few noises. So, that was a little weird. So maybe this is what it is. ‘Cause we aren’t too far away from like where we set up camp for the night. I think I should go investigate it, ’cause that just does
not look natural to me. So lets head down over there. Okay, what in the world? This kind a looks like a
bunker, that somebody made. I don’t know what it is. (gasp) Guys. Oh my goodness
maybe this actually is somebodies bunker. Look at this, I found something. No way. Oh my goodness! No, okay this is actually here, I really didn’t know. Look at this, this is crazy. Okay this is crazy. There’s two apples, kinda weird. I’m not gonna eat those ’cause I don’t know where they’re from. And I don’t know if like, what if they’re poison apples? I don’t know. Um, a blue cloth, weird. And rope. That could come in handy. Jingle bells? (bell chimes) ♪ Jingle bell, jingle
bell, jingle bell rock ♪ (bell chimes) I don’t what this stuff is, who it’s from. I’m kinda nervous, like
what if somebodies around. That is so weird, you guys. I really didn’t think I
was gonna find anything. I thought it was just gonna be like this weird pile of sticks, but there’s actually stuff over here. That was kinda crazy though. I thought it was just an animal
making the noise yesterday. Oh my goodness, okay, yep, we’re
gonna go back to the trail. We’re gonna keep hiking,
and leave this area. Alright, we’re back to the trail. I’m gonna go catch up with
my family, and keep walking. Okay we’re back with the fam now. And we’re all kind of worn
out, from hiking for a while. Logan’s here, Logan come here. Oh he walked the other way,
there he is. Right there. But I think its time to eat lunch, ’cause I’m getting hungry. So I’m gonna look in my
bag and see what I’ve got. I know I have the regular, like food bars. But I know I also have
the orange flavored one, so I think I’m gonna bust
out the orange flavored one, and eat that because honestly,
I like the flavored ones a little bit better. – [Mom] That’s a good idea. – Alright, okay so I
have this one right here. The orange flavored,
natural flavor energy bar. I think I’ll eat this. Honestly excited for this
one because I feel like this will be the most tastiest of tasty’s of the energy bars. I’m delusional from staying out in the wilderness for too long. I can’t even speak anymore. (laughter) – Just kidding, okay. Smells like bread. Lets try it. (upbeat music) (birds chirp) Hmm. (laughter) – Tastes like, bread. (laughter) – Honestly this one isn’t that bad. This is probably the
best-est of the flavors that we’ve had so far. But, I just really want
a good old hamburger. And like, I don’t know, ice water. (bird chirping) – That’s him, that was an earthworm. (upbeat music) – Alrighty, we’re gonna keep hiking. No! My phone ran out of battery. No, we still, I was playing music, while I was hiking. And we still have to keep hiking, until at least dinner time. ‘Cause that’s when we
started the 24 hours. So we still have to go until dinner time. Aww, I don’t even know
what time it is anymore. Alrighty, keep going. Okay, I think it’s finally dinner time. I’m hungry and I don’t really
know what time of day it is, but like the sun looks like
it might be the right time. I don’t know. So I think I’m about to eat dinner and you guessed what it’s gonna be. Another energy bar! Woo! So gotta whip one of those
bad boys out, and eat it, and then I guess we can start
hiking back down to the car. Conveniently, there’s a
picnic table here. What? Perfect. Lets eat dinner here. Yum. This is the plain
flavored one, again. Because I didn’t have really much left of the orange flavored one. So, just gotta go with the plain one. I guess I’ll eat the rest of this and we’re gonna start hiking back
down to the car, and go home! Good, I’m actually so
excited to take a shower and to just get a good
night’s sleep for once, and some real food. ‘Cause like, I mean these have done, they’ve done their job. And like, they’ve kept
me full and energized throughout this entire 24 hours. But, I really just want like a hamburger. Think we need to start hiking back down. The entire family’s waiting on me. I think they might have
already eaten dinner. Okay, we’re gonna eat and walk, lets go. Y’all the path is getting
more and more like paved and everything. So I think this is a good sign. I think we’re getting close to our car. We’re ready to go home! I’m so excited! I mean 24 hours in the wilderness, you wouldn’t think it’s that hard, but when you don’t have a tent, it’s a little bit harder than you expect. So, I’m just ready to go back home. Civilization! It’s out
there, I can see it. There’s a fence. So we made it back to the car. That is it for the 24 hours,
we’re going back home y’all! So, I guess that’s it. So if you enjoyed this video,
give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe, turn the subscribe
button from red to gray and I’ll see you all next time. We’re going home. Bye!

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