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24 Heures du Mans – Pourquoi un test d’Endurance de 30 heures ?

In the past, the objective was simply to cover as many kilometers as possible while driving as fast as possible. This year, we chose to deviate from that goal. We added the willingness to learn to handle exceptional situations and replace parts unexpectedly… At the end of each stint, we brought the car back slowly to simulate the existence of a problem. We would tell the driver: you’ve lost the clutch, how do you get the car back to the pits? Or: the engine has broken down, how do you bring the car back? We have procedures in place for each of these problems. We checked they were working and trained our drivers to manage them. It is crucial to understand how tire wear and tire performance will change over time depending on how the car is running. Over the course of 30 hours, we were able to carry out double and triple stints to see how performance level evolves.

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