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14 of the Most Important Products from Outdoor Retailer, Summer 2019 | This Week In Gear, Episode 12

– This week Gear Patrol was on the road at the largest outdoor
gear show in the world. You’re not gonna see
some of these products for six months to a year but we’re gonna show you
some of the best right now. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] This Week in
Gear is presented by Seiko. – This is the Taxa
Outdoors Cricket Camper. It’s 15 feet long, which
means it’s compact enough to fit in almost any garage. It can be towed by cars
that have four cylinders, small cars, whatever you’ve got. And it’ll sleep four people,
two adults and two children. It’s got the pop up there so
everybody’ll be comfortable. And if you kit it out completely, you can get some amazing gear on it. Inside you get a picture window and six big storage containers, low voltage LED lighting. There’s a dometic
two-burner stove and sink, Truma Combo furnace water heater system. There’s Thule racks on the top, all sorts of really awesome add-ons. You start with the base Cricket and you can option on
all sorts of great gear from awesome brands. One competitor to the Cricket would be the Airstream Base Camp. It’s a smaller tow behind
trailer the brand makes, similar in size and function but the design is totally different. It’s not quite as rugged
and doesn’t feature all the really cool
stuff from the factory. But if you’re gonna kit out a Cricket, you put all the options on it, you’re looking at something like this which runs almost $29,000. Probably the coolest
thing about the Cricket is that the designer
used to work for NASA. He was in charge of
developing and designing the interior habitats in the
International Space Station. And then he came back down to Earth and decided to design this. – We’re at Oru Kayak. We’re checking out their new
origami-inspired folding kayak. It’s currently unnamed. It’s gonna come out in 2020. They’re made out of a corrugated plastic. It’s the same stuff that
the U.S. Postal Service uses to make their mail bins actually. So the main idea with this boat is just to make it much more approachable. It is also supposed to be a
little bit more affordable. They’re aiming for under
$1,000 on this boat. The next price up on an Oru Kayak is $1299 so that’s a really nice price cut. The boat packs down into a box smaller than any other
boat that Oru has made yet. You can fit it in your trunk. You can lift it up. It only weighs 20 pounds. And you can get it from box to
kayak in under three minutes or faster once you get really good at it. – Hey we are here at the Primus booth. And this is the Firestick. If you want to talk
about a sleek camp stove that can go with you anywhere, this is what you want. This thing is just about four inches long, weighs about four ounces. And literally, all you gotta do is screw it into your burner, unsheath it and you’re ready to go. You’ve got 8,530 BTUs ready
to cook whatever you need. This comes in two versions. This is the titanium version, also comes in steel. 90 bucks, 120 bucks,
coming out next spring. And we are super stoked to use this thing on our next camping trip. – Hey guys this is Phil. And this is Yeti’s new dog bed. It comes out at
this fall and it’s $300. It’s got two pieces so
basically here is the top piece. This is all waterproof. You unzip it here and
you can totally wash it, so it’ll stay clean no matter if your dog runs through mud or anything. And then this piece can
pretty much stay at home. You throw this in your dog’s
crate, throw it in the car, and you got two dog beds
for the price of one. That’s the Yeti Dog Bed. Look for it this fall at – We been walking around Outdoor Retailer for a couple of days now, looking at hundreds of new products. Among those products, we checked out a bunch of cool
knives, sort of EDC tools. We’re gonna show you three of ’em, starting with Leatherman’s
new Free T4 Multi-tool. This thing’s coming out on June 24th. There are two models of this one. This one is the T4. There’s a T2, as well. It just has a few less implements in it. This one is $60, the T2 is $40. I like to think of this as sort of a new like modern Swiss Army knife. It’s got the standard knife, it also has other common tools like a Philip’s head
screwdriver, scissors. They’ve even snuck in some tweezers that just slide out right here. So as part of Leatherman’s
Free Collection, which is new this year, this tool uses magnets. And the magnets, you
don’t really notice them but they make every single tool in here really easy to open with one hand and that’s kind of like
the whole point here. You can just sort of flip
whichever one you want open, it locks into place. You can even close it with
one hand really easily. And that’s why we like this one, real easy to use, pretty affordable, too, really nice. Knife number two, we have
Helle Knives, Kletten. This is Helle’s third ever folding knife. It is also its smallest knife. It’s got a 2.1 inch blade, which is pretty small, still very useful. This knife is really cool. Helle is a really old knife
company based out of Norway. They’ve been around for almost 90 years. And they’re known for making a lot of sort of outdoor
survival-oriented knives. Most of them are big fixed blades so that’s why it’s really cool that they’re making more of
an everyday, you know, EDC-style folding knife but still features a lot
of the really nice things that Helle is known for. Really good blade steel for one, also this Curly Birch handle, which is this, looks really good, feels good in the hand and
sort of wears well over time. This knife will be out fall
2019 and it’ll cost $199. All right so our third
favorite knife of the show is Benchmade’s Aller. This is another really small knife. It has a 1.6 inch blade, really
small, still very useful. It wears less than two ounces so you barely notice it in your pocket. Another cool thing about
this is it’s actually more of a multi-tool than a pocket knife. You have this like pry bar, scraper, screwdriver tool on the end. When it’s closed this is
actually a bottle opener. The pocket clip also
functions as a money clip, so you can just use it
for a lot of things. It’s just really nice,
light, easy to carry, nice shape, very useful. So this knife is actually already out now. You can get it for $160. All right and those are our
three favorite knives and tools of Outdoor Retailer Summer 2019. – [Seiko Advertiser] Built for adventure and sound for the city, Seiko Prospect Street Dive watches are designed to withstand the
daily grind and then some. Streamlined and monochromatic
with solar-powered movements, 200-meter water resistance,
and lightweight cases, they’re true divers
upgraded for real life. – This is the Rivian R1T. It’s an electric truck, probably the last thing most
people would expect to see at an outdoor centric show like this. But the fact is that Rivian
have designed this thing from the ground up to be
ready for any adventure, off-roading, adventure sports, wherever you need to go,
whenever you need to do it. Rivian aims to democratize the outdoors for any vehicle owner, whether you’re new to the scene or you’re an old-school over-lander with some sort of defender in the garage, this is the new truck for you. It’s a 400-mile top end
range on the battery which is more than enough to go off-road. Since you’re not gonna be wasting
gas on drive-train losses, you’re not gonna be idling ever, you’re gonna be saving all that power for when you need it,
which is going up grades, using that torque that’s
instantly available from all the electric motors. There is no locking deferential. There are no deferentials at all because you don’t need them
with the electric motors that control each wheel separately. There are no sway bars. There’s an automatic hydraulic system that instantly makes the vehicle available on any sort of pitch, tilt, climb, turn. It does it all. Additionally, the air
suspension will raise to a total height of 14
inches of ground clearance which is sort of nuts
especially considering there’s a flat panel on the bottom. I can be fully protected with skid plates in the front and back and a
composite panel on the bottom. So you’re fully protected
off-road to over a foot. It’ll also wade to about a meter in water which is perfectly acceptable
in the off-road community, if not more than you’d
expect from most vehicles. Rivian and Alex Honnold
Foundation are also teaming up on a solar microgrid project. Rivian is donating battery packs from its development vehicles to support this microgrid
project in Puerto Rico for areas that were devastated
by Hurricane Maria in 2017. So the main gist here is
that everything on the R1T is designed to give the
adventurer ease of use. There are rubberized components. The lift gate is designed so that it gives you a lot of extra room. If you need to lay it down, there’s a pass-through
cargo bay behind and below the passenger compartment
which goes all the way through. You can put a kayak or small
kayak that folds up maybe, you can put a surfboard, snowboard, skis, whatever
kind of gear under there. There’s a frunk in the
front that’s designed to be completely dry. It can hold all your food, a cooler, anything, clothing you need up there. And then of course the bed. There are rails available from the factory that you can install a pop-up tent on, like a roof rack tent,
goes right on the bed, installs in minutes with
just a couple people. Everything is designed for ease of use and to make the outdoors come to you. This is kind of like the
truck for the van-lifer who just wants to do it on the weekends. The base price for the
Rivian is about $69,000. And you can expect first models to be delivered in quarter four of 2020, so the end of next year, which is about a year and a half away. – So here at OR some products
are so new and so fresh, they don’t have a booth to show them off. Such is the case with the
Hibear Adventure Flask which is the Swiss Army
knife of outdoor flasks. We love this thing and we’re
gonna give you a little escalator pitch for it. So what makes this so great? A few different features. First off, it unscrews right here which is gonna make cleaning easier. At the same time, this
whole part comes out and you’ve got a thermal core. So you can keep it cool without ice and then even better than
that is this still filter. This is gonna allow you to make cocktails. It’s gonna allow you to
make cold brew coffee. You can make tea with it, all that stuff. You can also put this all back together and you can do a pour over
coffee with this thing, which is amazing. To top it off or to bottom
it off, so to speak, is this great little silicone liner which is not just for show. It actually turns into
a mug for your buddy, four-legged or otherwise. I
think I’ve pretty much summed up why this thing is awesome. It’s gonna be on Indiegogo
starting in September. Keep an eye out for it. We’re super stoked to show it to you exclusively here at OR. – All right so I am sitting in Big Agnes’s new one-person
scout platinum tent. This is part of their
crazy light category. This is actually the lightest tent that Big Agnes has ever made. It’s 13 ounces. How did they get there? Part of it is the single
wall construction. So this tent doesn’t use
like a separate rain fly that you have to put
on, it’s just one piece and just one layer of material here. And the materials is the other part of how they got to that light weight. It’s a silicon-treated rip stop nylon that also has a waterproof
treatment on it. So it’s waterproof as well. So this tent sets up really easily. It just used two tracking
poles, one here and one here and then the lines just guy
out to your tent stakes. Also compared to other tents,
super lightweight tents, this one is very roomy. Big Agnes got there by using an over vertical wall construction. This means these go straight up instead of like triangular or domes like a lot of tents do. And this tent will retail for $450. It comes out next year. – Hey guys this is the
burliest jacket I’ve seen yet. It is Eddie Bauer’s
Mountain Ops Hooded Jacket. It is $399, it’ll be out this fall. And Eddie Bauer created
it with help from the team up in Revelstoke in B.C.,
the Eagle Pass Heli Team. So basically, it’s built to tackle those super cold winter days when
you’re standing around, you might be helping out with lifts or you live in a mountain town, this is the jacket that you want. If you’re changing things on your car during the middle of winter, this is what’s gonna
keep you safe and warm. So look for it this fall,
it’s $399 from Eddie Bauer. – So we have Goal Zero’s
forthcoming Sherpa 100 PD. This is a power pack
for charging your phone, laptop, iPad, Kindle, camera, whatever. This is coming out July 2nd. It’s gonna be $170. Goal Zero actually gave one
to me a couple months ago and I’ve been using it. I’m using it here today just to make sure that
my phone doesn’t die. It has 94.7 watt hours of juice in here. What does that actually mean? That’s like eight charges of your phone, two full charges of a laptop, so there’s a lot of power in there. It’s about a pound and a half and that’s sort of the
main selling point here is that this is super light. You can travel with this really easily. Like I just keep this in my bag and it’s not weighing me down
and I can charge whatever. And it has a Qi wireless
charging platform. So if you are into wireless and you don’t wanna tangle
yourself up with wires, you can just charge right on top of it. It has two USB-A ports for input output. It also has a USB-C port
which just gives you a lot faster charge if
you have USB-C devices. It also, what I really like,
tells you how much is left in here with a percentage number. That’s really helpful ’cause a lot of these types of products don’t, you just are left guessing with like four blinking lights or whatever that show you how much is in there. That makes it really easy. – Hey guys really excited to show you the new Vasque Clarion 88. They literally took this model from 1988 and brought it back to 2019. And this will be out August
15th on Vasque’s site only. It’s $150. It may look like a
lifestyle boot but it’s not. You can take it hiking
on the Appalachian Trail, on the Pacific Crest,
wherever you wanna go. It also will look great whether
you’re going to the office or just walking about town. So we are super excited about it and can’t wait to see it August 15th. – We’re at the Costa booth and
I’m sitting with Kimi Werner, champion spear fisher, someone we’ve had the pleasure
of profiling in the past. So it’s cool to sit down with you. – It’s very good to be back
with you Mitchell, thank you. – So, first of all, Costa. They have a really important
mission as a company and you’re involved with that as well. Can you sort of speak to your, how you feel about their mission, how they’re approaching things? – Sure, I’m new to the brand, Costa. I just joined the team as an ambassador but for me, it was
absolutely a no-brainer. Everything about Costa
just fits my own values especially when it comes
to what they’re doing with their Untangled Collection, where basically they’re
taking old fishing nets and upcycling them into
the frames of sunglasses. I just haven’t seen any sunglass company, especially of this quality, that makes such a quality product, take such an extra step to really care about the environment. And even just like the details of the little aluminum
pieces are all recycled. It comes in a case of different, previous used materials to make the cases. And that’s something that
just really resonates with me because it’s inspiring
when you see big companies that actually are using their business to create change for the better good. And especially when it comes
to the oceans, you know, that’s where my heart is at. – [Mitchell] Right.
– And it’s good to see. Like this brand was born in fishing. But rather than just
use the fishing industry and the outdoor industry to market a product for profits alone, they’re taking an extra
step to actually give back. And I think that’s something
we can all learn from. – For sure, so the oceans like
you say, in particular are in trouble in a lot of ways. – Oh definitely. I mean I hate to, you
know, always talk about like what’s going wrong in the world. And I like to be a chronic optimist but we would be delusional
if we didn’t admit that our oceans are in serious
trouble right now. – Right I’ve heard figures like there is as much plastic by
weight as there are fish. That it’s just kind of
a gross way to go about caring for our environment. So we’re in the midst
of thousands of products with a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts. How can we as consumers and enthusiasts be more responsible with our products and with our approach to that? – I mean I think that so many of us, were just raised to be these consumers but only think about a couple things. We think about convenience
and we think about consuming. – [Mitchell] Right.
– We don’t think about asking the questions of, you know, where these materials came from and what do we really need. And I think just those two
questions alone, you know, it just, let’s not get
addicted to consumerism, let’s be smart about it. Let’s choose, first of all, products that are gonna last
and they’re gonna serve us. And then secondly, let’s
choose products that are actually like being
responsible and mindful about their whole supply chain and what they’re putting into the world. – For sure, that’s really great advice and important for us as we
go about our gear patrolling. No, please, if there’s more–
– No, I was just gonna say that I actually, like the
way that I discovered Costa was through scientists, you know. It actually wasn’t your normal outdoor industry pitch that I got. It’s that I did this expedition on a boat with the 5Gyres, who are pretty much the
authority on plastic pollution in the world today. Jack Jackson was on that boat. And we, basically, just
like went to learn about the micro plastic pollution. And we both kind of got off that boat feeling kinda depressed and sick. – I can imagine. – Yeah it’s really, when you
really start to understand that even in the cleanest
oceans, the bluest of blues, there is a smog of micro plastics that sometimes we can’t even see. But it is way worse than
having just a clean-up issue. You know, it’s really destroying things. And it was later on, that
same group of scientists that started talking about ’em. I started getting phone calls from them. And they just said who are
you with with sunglasses because you should be with Costa. And they started like
planting the seed in my ear. And so it’s pretty interesting because again, it wasn’t just a contract deal, it wasn’t just like what’s in
or what’s trendy or anything, it came from the authority
of plastic pollution. Of like this is a brand
that’s doing it right, like you should partner up with them. – Right so scientifically
proven to be a good company. – Yeah exactly, yeah. – Cool so what are you up to next? Real quickly, what’s the next adventure? – Oh, right now, I
actually more than anything would love my next adventure to be spending more time at home. – [Mitchell] That sounds good yeah. – I honestly love Hawaii so much and it’s a place where I just feel like I need to be home more. I need to be just enjoying the simple life of what got this all started
to begin with, you know. – Certainly. So an adventure all of it’s own. – Yes.
– Right? – Yeah. – Cool well thank you very
much for chatting with us. – Thank you so much. (upbeat music)

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