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🔥 Bushcraft Survival – Wild Camping Weekend [UK Bushcraft Trip]

here we go people, we are “bushcraft camp
2018” on the way in the car, it’s been a bit of a mad rush, we’re hoping we’ll have enough
light once we get there. we’re just going up a few country lanes now
so not long till we get there. I reckon we’ve got around 5 or 10 minutes
to go. I think everyone is packed, I think we’ve
got everything. once we dump the car that’s going to be it,
so wish us luck, and we’ll catch with you when we get there. … Making our way through the woods. It’s pretty thick. It’s the first time we’ve been here, so we
did just come in and give it a little bit of a ‘scout’ to see if we could find a good
place for a clearing – which we’ve got up here. It’s going to be a little bit lumpy ground… Look at all the fresh wood we’ve got. I say “fresh” but it’s lovely and dead and
dry, So we’re not going to have a problem with firewood. Yeah, it’s a pretty thick woods. It’s exciting – I think it’s perfect, like
I say, we’ve not been on this land before, so hopefully we’ll be alright, once we do
our little trek and i’ll catch up with you when we get to the camp… Ohhh, yummy, yummy tea… Good morning guys, bushcraft 2018. We made it, late last night, it was getting
dark pretty quick, so we got the tents set up. We spoke to the land owner, and we had a visitor
as well. So yeah, beautiful location, we’re really
happy with it. We’ve got this fallen tree that we found here,
there’s dead wood everywhere so fire’s not going to be a problem. Yeah, really really happy, so obviously we
didn’t really know what to expect before we got here. Now we’ve seen it, definitely really happy. Tents are set up, Olly’s in his hammock, Me
& Dan in Tents. We found a good clearing. and we’ve got a fallen log here we’re going
to use as our basecamp. Olly & Dan actually this morning have already
rigged up a tripod so we’ve got a griddle setup over the fire. I’m going to be chopping some wood and getting
the Kelly Kettle going and make more Tea. Dan’s got some wood to chop today. I think Olly’s got a ‘spoon’ he wants to make
out of a bit of wood, so that’ll be interesting – and I want to get my catapult out, coz i’ve
not had that out for ages. So stay tuned guys and we’ll see what sort
of day we have… Right. So the boys have been cutting some wood. We’re going to get the Kelly Kettle going
so we can make ourselves a ‘brew’. The thing about the Kelly Kettle though – very
small fire base. So what we need to do is to break the wood
down as small as we can get it. So i’m going to use my Gerber Folding Knife,
with a serrated edge, which tends to cut through the grain quite nicely. Right so im just carrying on splitting down
the wood as small as I can get it. Obviously the smaller you can get it the quicker
it’s going to burn for the first ignition. So these sorts of sizes are beautiful. and then to really get things going, what
we’re going to do is to make a feather stick quickly, just to get it even more fine, almost
like tinder – and that will help us get the fire going. So here’s a nice piece here. And all we want to do, is just start trying
to get some curls coming up with your knife. Again i’m using the Gerber knife with the
serrated blade. I tend to like the curls you get from it. So, it will start to take as you start getting
it round. and again, using the serrations on my blade,
i can get some extra thin ‘curly curly’ ones which really catch the flame well. I feel like we’re really starting to get a
good old bush going there! and then… I tend to get this stem, down to nice and
thin, so you can just snap the stick at the end and then I can put that whole thing… We can then put this whole thing, into the
actual fire pot and we’ll use this to get the fire going… Right, so we’ve got our feather stick which
we’ve put down into ‘feathers’. Here’s the fire base, and this is the Kelly
Kettle. Essentially, the water goes into the main
compartment there, but it’s actually hollow, and so, what happens is the flames go up the
middle, and heat the water all the way around while it’s sitting in the fire base. Very very effective, I love it, you know,
it doesn’t take more than just a few little twigs – quite literally, to get this thing
going. So it’s very efficient with your fuel. So what i’m going to do, we’ll fill the Kelly
Kettle up with water, what we’ll do, i’m going to be using a fire strike, and just my Opinel,
No8 to get ourselves a good old spark going, so we can get a fire going, and have a cup of Tea!. I’ve got a piece of tree bark here that I
found, which I’ve decided – this is now my ‘Fire Preparation Surface’. So, i’ve got a nice bit of tree bark here,
and what i like to do, what we can do is just start building up the fire with the small
parts. Starting with the smallest we can possible
get, start building up a ‘pyramid’ around it. Make sure we keep as much air in there as
we can, but also, there’s a hole at the front here in the Kelly Kettle fire base – So it’s
important that we keep that area clear, because that’s where we’re going to be passing the
ignition through with a waxed twine. I’ve got a fire box here, just fire starting
bits and pieces, I usually take some Fat Wood as well, which can light pretty much even
if it’s wet, so if you really get into trouble, you can use Fat Wood. In fact, if you’re really really in trouble,
(i think i’ve got a piece here) what you can do, similar to what we did before – is you
can actually use the Fat Wood to get shavings as well and when you put the shavings in there,
you’ll really get, again, just a little bit more fuel. This goes up really nicely, so if you’re really
struggling, you can actually use some of this as well. But today, I think we’re going to be OK, so
what I like using is these ‘Waxed Twines’. Now, they kind of are, exactly as they sound. They’re a piece of Twine, and they’ve got
some wax coating. And you just simply fray up, fray up the end,
of the waxed twine…. and then you’ll end up with some nice frayed edges here, and the
more you can ‘fray’ them out, the more air you’re going to get in-between the fibres,
and you’ll get a real nice ignition. Fire Strike: Ferrocerium Rod. what i’m going to use for this, is my Opinel,
Number 8, and the back edge on this is very very sharp, which allows you to get a really
good strike. So what we’re also going to do, is we’re going
to just scrape down, just a little bit and we’re going to get some of these ‘filings’
to load up onto the actual twine. So when you feel like you’ve got a nice good
bit of material on here from the ferrocerium rod, it’s just a case of, what I do is I pull
the ferrocerium rod backwards. … and hey presto! we have fire!… just be able to pass this into, through the
hole. Get it underneath those lovely curls we made
on that feather stick. and look at her go! look at her go ladies
and gentlemen! This is what we’re talking about! We will have Tea, in no time! …Get the Kelly Kettle on the top. …So once the fire’s going inside we can
just feed wood into the top. and it will continue to burn. quite literally just a few little bits is
enough to make a whole… what 1.2 litres is it? just over 1 litre of water. This is the ‘Scout’ version of the Kelly Kettle. You can get a ‘junior’ version, and I think
there’s a ‘Basecamp’ version, but this was the happy medium for me… and we’ll leave
that going. and we’ll have some Tea! … Look at that flame go! it is beautiful. it definitely has some sort of a like a ‘Turbine’
effect that sucks the air up and really gives you this jet. and it’s lovely. literally just pick up some branches some
dead wood from around the forest, around the woods, anything like that. and I tell you, one of the nice things as
well about the Kelly Kettle is you get a… various bits with it, there’s a base here
to just do the fire base. and also, these are handy… pop these together, you can load
that in the top and what it allows you to do, is to use your pan, or saucepan and you
can pop that on top – so you can be cooking up your eggs at the same time. bear in mind, the water around inside there
is being heated all the time, so you’ve got that added benefit. Or you can pop your pot on the top, you can
do up your noodles or whatever, still have enough water in the actual base to make your
Tea, it’s absolutely ideal. I absolutely love it. Usually, it means i can make my Tea in the
morning, and I can make my porridge as well at the same time. …and here we go! that’s the sound we wanted!
now you see normally, with the Kelly Kettle, you get the orange stopper, and you shouldn’t
actually use the orange stopper while your cooking with it, and while it’s on the heat. because it will actually explode. but i’ve upgraded to the green which is the
whistle – the Kelly Kettle whistle. Absolutely invaluable, definitely recommend
it – so, lets get the ‘brews’ made! So… what you up to Olly? possibly, going to end up with a spoon. spoon, spoon. see Olly went on one of those master classes,
Ray Mears wasn’t it? Yeah, Ray Mears master class, carving. Learn how to do a spoon. We’ll see if we can get a log, into a spoon. What do you think Olly? Doable? I think so, it might take me the rest of the
weekend but… well it’s looking good so far… so this year, I thought i’d bring along my
Pro Diablo catapult. I’ll give you a close look of it. it’s basically got some counter balance here,
give you a bit more stability, lovely, nice comfy grip. and here you see, i’ve actually
replaced these with the orange bands, these are the high power bands. but yeah, i thought i’d bring this along,
i’m using some ball bearings, stainless steel, these are 12mm, or half inch bearings. and
i thought we’d come along and do a bit of target practice. so lets see how we get on… So here we go. it’s going to be the first shot, to see how
we get on… there’s my target on the tree… … I think we got it! So yeah, a couple of those felt like they
were pretty close. oh look at that! bang in the middle! Like it! …couple up here, another one in here look. pretty good grouping so yeah, i’m happy with
that! I do love my Pro Diablo! How you getting on dude? we’re getting there. well it’s not looking like a log anymore is
it! and it’s not looking like a spoon either, but… I’m working on it, it’s looking good! look
at that, you’ve got the pattern drawn on there as well, so is there much more? how much more? bit more? bit more. realistically probably about another hour
or so. really? yeah. it’s looking good though dude. I can’t wait to see it finished! Hey! so this is the tent that i’ve got, which
is the pyramid tent from DD-tarps. I’ve got the inner tent and the outer tent. Very light weight, it’s about 1Kg for both
the inner and the outer tent. and the only thing really i do differently is I have a
ground sheet as well that I found that fits perfectly, and I’ve got a walking stick inside
so it’s very very light weight. I’ve got my Klymit Sleeping Mat, Got my SnugPack
Special Forces 1 sleeping bag, super super comfy, really happy with that. so yeah it’s a pretty light weight setup. You do need to have a bit of a level ground
for it so we did a bit of clearing last night to get the ground nice and level. it’s gone up really nice, literally 20 minutes,
20 minutes flat, we’re done, and you can enjoy the rest of your camp without worrying about
your tent falling down. So yeah, really happy with this, it’s been
a great purchase, not had any problems with it at all so yeah, highly recommended: DD
tarps Pyramid Tent So it’s finished now is it? I’d call it finished, look at that!, yeah,
it’s a usable spoon. i’ll probably carry on fiddling with it but…
that’s lovely finished article, check it out. look at that! well done Olly! that’s a beautiful
beautiful job! and bear in mind guys, don’t forget… we started off with this, split it down, got
it into something like this. Then it got into something like that, and
from that, into a spoon!! love it! brilliant! that is bushcraft! starting to get dark now. so we’re going to get our steaks going, got
a nice fire going, we’ve had a great day today. I think Olly did a great job on his spoon,
Dan’s been cutting a whole load of wood so we’ve got wood to last us all evening. We’ll try and get some photos and they’ll
be after this little segment. Yeah, it’s been a really great day, great
fun, really good bonding time as well we’ve had some great chats which is what it’s all
about. Can’t wait to come back again, but, we’re
still here another night and we’ll catch up with you in the morning….

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