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주먹밥 , 참치, 김치, tuna, kimchi, rice ball, korean food

주먹밥 , 참치, 김치, tuna, kimchi, rice ball, korean food

Hello, everyone. Today, we have a snack, a meal, a lunch box, and we make tuna rice balls with kimchi. I saw it.
We’ll get started. First, cut kimchi and stir-fry frying pan. And put the roast seaweed in the vinyl
I’ll break it up. Next, drain the fat out of the tuna that you put in the rice of your fist. This time, it’s the sauce inside the rice balls. Add chungyang red pepper and mayonnaise and mix well.
I’ll rub Put sesame powder in rice and sesame oil.
And rub it well. Everyone, this is the most important thing from now on.
Put kimchi on the rice and put the tuna sauce that had been made in advance on it. Everyone, it’s easy. Put rice balls in a prepared dish and mix well. It’s done. I think it’s really easy. It’s a good rice ball for snack and lunch. Then I’ll try it.
It’ll be good if you eat rice with your hands. That’s why I eat with plastic gloves in front of me I’ve tried it twice.
It tastes so good. I think it’s better to eat it with your hands. Everyone, I’m subscribing to today.
And good. You didn’t forget. Have a good day. Thank you. Cool Ugh.

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