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Importance of Survival Skills

【BLACK SURVIVAL】 Nataphon – ranked game play 【Louisol】

【BLACK SURVIVAL】 Nataphon – ranked game play 【Louisol】

Hello, Guys! x) This is the new charactor Nathapon. He has dual mastery of gun and hand. Of course I’ll deal with hand. I really like the weapon selection feature! It is good to use skill where people do not come well
or when becoming restricted areas. Okay… Let’s make Brasil Gauntlet oh, Hi Nathapon. i’m not happy with you, now. go away! FeelsBadMan I need to recovery my health on the Time Trail. FeelsGoodMan Good. I got a doctor’s gown. Wait, wait. F*cking Damage. It was breathtaking. I also like that there is no stamina consumption
in first aid. x) Oh, that tree! (Worrying about what to make) Hmm. I have paper, so It is better to make
a poison glass knuckle. Find nuckle and lighter. In this way, it is good to use it when the siren sounds. FeelsGood x) The bear seems to have already died. Find flower. oh? The body is not found… so I’ll make Killer heels. -_- oowow wickel! I’ll come see you later. k Let’s go! Hhuhuhu~ Come at me, Leon! oh?? Thanks Natha. And… find bear… I missed you, Bear T-T… My Love… There was electronic parts in Nathapon’s dead body. So I’ll make steel, then I can make weapons when exploring
from the beach. Wickel ‘s body(Nanorized Arms) or turtle(Power Fist)… oh, Holy Blood! Goood, Let’s make Nano weapon. X) f*king suit… my bear! Cool Damage xD why I can’t find enemies! Die quickly! I reallly hate this suit…. -_- feels baaaad -52 damage… Die! Flower is gone… but it’s okay. hmm.. good x) Byebye, goodgame. I played with smart phone, and at someone’s request
I removed the watermark. 🙂 This character is very good. Soon nerfed. Thank you 2k sub! (^0^/ I’m preparing another event. huhu 🙂 Thanks for watching, Seeya! XD

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