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Importance of Survival Skills

В Двух Словах о… Niche, пошаговом генетическом survival

В Двух Словах о… Niche, пошаговом генетическом survival

and this is In a Nutshell, fastest videoreviews of any theme, including new PC games In a Nutshell about Niche… (does not know how to spell it) This is turn-based roguelike RPG with accent on genetics – take any famous roguelike on open air and mix it with cult hit Spore – and You’ll get some Niche Your task – take care of animal flock as long as possible which look like wolves and foxes simultaneously They need to eat and breed and raise children and research islands, which a build from hexagonal cells Time is money, because animals are not living for long, and love to die because of age but breeding is possible only with new participants of Your flock which can be found on a new islands The main thing of a game – genetics Each participant of Your flock will have a distinct DNA which defines creature’s looks horns, fur color, tail, ears awry teeth or different size of an eyes and the characteristics, including digging collecting, crack nuts, swim stealth and so on Offspring, of course, heritages DNA partially from father and mother – seems like a best time for selection but You will have a little of choice swap your breeding partners in a bad idea because they are random and the lifetime of flock member – 25 or 30 turns that’s why sometimes Your animals will need to do Snu-Snu right after meeting and the other members need to non-stop searching food and nest materials which are mandatory for offspring production Gameplay of Niche has other neat features Examples – manual mutations on-demand new mutations unlocks during gameplay Flock dividing on alpha, beta and omega units Diseases, different climate modes and some other interesting features Which I won’t spoil for You Audiovisuals of Niche is charming on it’s own, graphics are fairly simple, but stylish All animals in flock are steadily watching on mouse cursor’s movements Which makes involvment in game much more… involving Music is soft and nice Interface is better then You may think, with a lot of hotkeys to work with In summary, Niche is a very nice take on roguelike survivals with permadeath Emphasis on genetics makes gameplay much more deep but can or make You fall in love with it, or make You sick of it, if, for example, You don’t know English very well How do You think, is there future for genetics in computer games? or it is too hardcore for mainstream audience? Write Your opinion in the comments Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe Good Luck fo all! *strange Russian joke about aging and seeing later*

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